English I and English I H classes:

Over the next few weeks, you will be working with a team of classmates to research an organization that assists victims of human trafficking, to present the information, and to encourage awareness and action in our school community. Before we can begin that process, I want to place you in teams according to your interests.

72 Days for Freedom links to several organizations that are working all over the world to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. Check out the ones listed in the list below (you can just click on the organization name). What does the organization do? In what part of the world is it focused? Whom does the organization help?


Hagar International

International Justice Mission

Tiny Hands International

Restavek Freedom Foundation

Which ones interest you most?

I will ask you to rank these tomorrow from 1 (most interested) to 5 (least interested). Then I will place you into research teams based on your preferences.

Don’t forget to also do your vocab–Lesson 13 A-C!

-Mrs. K


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