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2020-2021 School Year Underway

HHCA opened its doors to students for the first time since March 13, 2020.
The greatest question HHCA has to answer is how will we move forward in light of the reality of COVID-19. As we consider the moment we find ourselves in, we believe there are only two realistic options.
We all must realize that as life begins to get moving again, virus infections will continue to rise. This is a harsh reality, but one that statistically cannot be denied.
Thus, schools have two options:
(1) keep moving with safety guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19
(2) revert back to “quarantine” and only offer online school.
Both of these options have significant positives and yet potentially greater negatives:
   --The positive of the return to quarantine is clearly the hopeful immediate health benefits of isolation. The negative  is the overall impact on quality of life and interpersonal socialization.

   -- The positive of moving forward with offering school in-person is the overall impact on quality of life and           interpersonal socialization. The negative of this path is the potential health realities of contracting COVID-19.

For some, this is not a complicated decision to make. Those who find themselves in one of the at-risk groups, to pull back and continue in isolation is an obvious answer. The challenge comes for those who are not at risk and who seemingly move through the virus with very minimal complications. Medically speaking, there are so many unknowns around this particular strand that it is nearly impossible to project the overall impact.
HHCA has chosen to move forward confidently, with wisdom, being mindful of the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of each of our students. Our goal is to protect the health and wellness of our HHCA community while also delivering an excellent education.
It is indeed possible, and important, to move forward this fall with excellence in both areas. You can find two articles that outline the importance of on-campus education HERE and HERE.

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