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Hands-on Learning. Distinctly Christian.

At HHCA, we believe there are a handful of imperatives that make school great, and that set us apart. First, our commitment to teaching within the context of a Biblical worldview is integrated into everything we do.  Whatever the subject matter - whether it's math or art or science or baseball - we teach, coach, lead, and guide from a Biblical perspective.  God's Word guides what we say and more importantly-it guides what we do-moment by moment. It is not an addendum to our curriculum; rather, it is the place we begin. It is the lens through which we see everything. 

Our project-based learning model, coupled with this distinctly Christian worldview, enables our students to grow in Christ-centered confidence and Christ-centered worth, while becoming the problem-solvers, collaborators, and innovators God created them to be. 

Built to Inspire and Engage

We believe schools should inspire and engage-and offer classes with relevant learning experiences. Our Academic model is built with this in mind, to give students the best opportunity to develop the skills most valued by today's employers.

And while many schools claim to be helping students develop such skills, very few have an academic model specifically designed with this in mind, along with an objective matrix to track growth in these areas. 

Outcomes that Matter

Our project-based curriculum focuses on five research-based, measurable learning outcomes, which guide every facet of learning at HHCA and prepare students for college and career success. 

Aiming beyond mastery of required educational standards, HHCA mentors engage students with challenging projects and practical application of course content, providing regular opportunities for students to learn, adapt and engage effectively in the world around them.

HHCA's Five Learning Outcomes

Power in Partnership

HHCA has a long history of meaningful partnerships which have strengthened us as a school community since our earliest days.

In 2020, another significant partnership commenced when HHCA partnered with nationally recognized New Tech Network and began implementing their project-based (PBL) and problem-based (PrBL) learning model across all grades, K-12.

Utilizing New Tech’s PBL model, and joining their national network of schools, HHCA is equipping students with the skills most valued by today's employers.

Studies show that students who work towards mastery of these five learning outcomes in subjects like math, science, and language arts are significantly more engaged and more successful both academically and developmentally.

- Dr. Melissa Crosby, Director of Teaching & Learning

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