HHCA's Intellectually Gifted Program provides an enhanced educational experience for students who demonstrate advanced academic ability.

Goals of the Program

  • Integrate and introduce new disciplines within the basic subject areas
  • Promote higher-level thinking skills of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Problem Solving, and Logic.

How are students identified?

Five criteria are used to identify students for the IGP:
  1. Teacher evaluations- SIGS
  2. ITBS, and CoGAT test results falling in the 95% on 2 or more tests
  3. Parent evaluations
  4. MAP scores
  5. Outside testing through Dr. Cheryl Shookman ($300-$400)

Cost of program: $500 per semester

The Intellectually Gifted Program is led by Mrs. Laura Smith. Mrs. Smith received her masters in Divergent Learning and also teaches Middle School English at HHCA.

For additional information, please contact Melanie Hilton, Principal Grades K-5.

Meet the IGP Staff

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