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In close collaboration with parents, the HHCA Guidance Team serves all students (K-12) by helping students gain competencies in personal/social (mindset) as well as educational and career development. Our Guidance Team develops and protects students' individuality, providing skills to help them function effectively with others in school, home and in the community and preparing them for college, career and life.

Guiding Students in the Direction of Success

Dedicated to developing ongoing supportive and collaborative relationships, our Guidance Team aims to ensure every family is equipped with the knowledge and encouragement to make prayerful decisions concerning the direction of their student's life. 

College and Career

Throughout Upper School,  our Guidance Team provides personalized counsel to families as students develop future plans based on their aptitudes and interests. 

Using assessments and interest inventories given in the Middle and early Upper School years, comprehensive pre-college and pre-graduate counseling assists Upper School students in discovering the colleges and/or career paths that suit them best while helping them achieve personal and academic success. 

Explore a host of resources and information in our dedicated pages below.

College       Career

College Prep Series

HHCA's Guidance Team has planned a series of college and career workshops and events for Upper School students, beginning in January 2023. Click on the link below for dates and details. 

Meet Our Guidance Team


Megan Robbins

Director of Guidance
Counselor, Grades 8-10

Bridget Short

Grades 6-12

Mary Delle Robinson

College & Career Advisor
Grades 11-12

Ashleigh Hames

Grades 6-8

Mikaela Collich

Grades K-5

Caitlyn Lankowski

Data Specialist
Supporting K-12

We want to equip students with the tools they need to find their best-fit path after high school AND we want them to know who they are in Christ, so that they can use their gifts and skills wherever God leads them.

- Mary Delle Robinson, College & Career Advisor

Guidance Affiliations & Memberships

Our Guidance Team pursues assessments, resources, and partnerships that prepare students for community and postsecondary success through affiliations with:

American School Counselor Association
We design and implement instruction aligned with Christian values and the ASCA mindsets and behaviors for student success in all settings. Utilizing the ASCA national model, HHCA continues to pursue assessments and resources that best prepare students for community and postsecondary success. 

Palmetto State School Counselor Association
Membership with PSSCA allows us to collaborate and advance our counseling model in South Carolina.

Our College and Career Advisor holds memberships in:

National Association of College Admission Counselors

Southern Association of College Admission Counselors

These professional communities empower college admission counseling professionals through education, advocacy, and community. The network of professionals fosters collaboration and promotes best practices that continually inform, guide, and improve our college advising and admission processes.