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Middle School

Every Year Matters

At HHCA, we believe every year matters-especially the middle school years! It's during these crucial years that students begin to develop a sense of who they are and what they believe, while also developing a new level of independence and responsibility. They are stepping into an exciting new season, poised for their transition into Upper School and beyond. 

Middle School Academics:
Positioning Students for Success

Every class and every extracurricular offered to HHCA Middle School students is set to prepare them for their future. Students learn to view the world, their life, and their work through the lens of God's Word, so that upon graduation, they will be equipped to fulfill HHCA's vision: to know Christ and make Him known. 

Five Learning Outcomes

HHCA's five learning outcomes continue to provide the framework for Academics in Middle School, with continued growth emphasized in the areas of Agency, Collaboration, Knowledge & Thinking, Oral Communication, and Written Communication. Students work towards mastery of course content, learning to take responsibility for their work, collaborate as a team, problem-solve, and communicate effectively.  

Support for Your Student

Environment makes such a difference in a student's success, both in and out of the classroom. At HHCA, our goal is to help middle schoolers navigate these years well, growing in character, integrity, responsibility, and most of all, in their understanding of who they are in Christ.

During the Middle School years, our exceptional educators work closely with students in every endeavor, challenging them to do their best. Middle School mentors desire to create a learning environment that positions every student for success and they work hard to ensure that every student feels known and valued.

Middle School Girls

Tenets of the Academic Model

HHCA's academic model is built upon authentic learning challenges, formulated by knowledgeable mentors, and embedded with an identifiable Christian worldview. It is recognized by the following distinct tenets:


Key Growth Areas

During the Middle School years, growth in the following areas:

  • Self-Discovery and Confidence
  • Character and Integrity
  • Identity in Christ

HHCA aims to support your student in all of these areas, as they discover their gifts & abilities through Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts & more.