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Middle School


Students in Middle School develop a deeper sense of who they are and what they believe, while simultaneously gaining a new level independence and responsibility.  The entire HHCA Middle School experience is set to prepare students for their future.  Here, students learn to view the world, their life, and their work through the lens of God's Word.

Our distinctly Christian, inquiry-based learning approach engages students by making real-world connections through exploration and high-level questioning. 

Hilton Head Christian Academy utilizes inquiry-based learning to stimulate higher reasoning, curiosity, innovation, and ownership in student learning.  With the goal focused on the development of the whole child, HHCA mentors target skill development and academic content, enhancement of soft skills, and spiritual leadership.  Triggering inquiry in our students creates a healthy curiosity and understanding of the world around them, with an emphasis on research, interpersonal discussions, and reflection

When students are given the space and support to find solutions to the real-world problems around them, they become better equipped to be independently successful in a fast-paced world.  

Our Guidance Team professionals support students throughout their HHCA journey.  During the formative Middle School years, students have a dedicated professional available when needed. 

Kayla Garland, M.S. School Counseling, works in collaboration with families, mentors, and Middle School students to support and advocate through:

  • individual & small group counseling
  • parent/student/mentor meetings
  • providing a spiritually safe space for students 


Environment makes such a difference in a student's success, both in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to help middle schoolers navigate these years well, growing in character, integrity, responsibility, and most of all, in their understanding of who they are in Christ.

- Mr. Jay Scarbro, Middle School Principal

HHCA Faculty Staff MS Principal Jay Scarbro


HHCA supports Middle School students as they discover their gifts & abilities through Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts & more, with intentional focus on key traits such as:

  • Self-Discovery and Confidence
  • Character and Integrity
  • Identity in Christ

When we moved to our new Bluffton campus, we charged a small group of students with creating a genuinely spirited student section for sporting events.  From this charge, THE CAGE was created.

More than a name, THE CAGE is a place where students are encouraged to support their fellow students. It is a place where the integrity and positivity that we are instilling in our student body can be celebrated. It is a place where friendships are formed and strengthened.

It is a place where all HHCA Middle School and Upper School students are welcome to express their school spirit!


At HHCA, we refer to teachers as Mentors because the role they play in the lives of students far exceeds the role of a traditional classroom teacher. Building relationships is key in our community and we work diligently to ensure that every student feels known. 


Drew Dale

Humanities Mentor

Parker Collins

Math Mentor

Amy Inglis

Robotics & Computer Science Mentor

James Berry

Director of Fine Arts | Music Mentor

Doug Langhals

Head of School | Bible Mentor

Jessica Tatro

English Mentor

HHCA Faculty Staff MS Principal Jay Scarbro

Jay Scarbro

Middle School Principal

Megan Adams

Science Mentor

Mikaela Collich

Visual Arts Mentor

Bryan Brown

Math Mentor

Jill DelGuercio

Humanities Mentor

Laura Smith

Humanities Mentor

Anne Poole

Academic Resource Center Director


Middle School Retreat is a long-standing HHCA tradition and often a highlight of the school year. Students are encouraged to make the most of this important time, participate in as much as possible, have a positive attitude, and allow the Lord to work in their life. Learn more about the 2023 Middle School Retreat here.


Nearly 75% of Middle and Upper School students at HHCA participate on an athletic team. Whether a student wants to try a new sport or make new friends, our Athletics program is designed to offer a place to play, compete, grow, and connect.  

Our coaches are committed to helping students reach their full potential-not only in their sport, but also in life.  HHCA Athletics is a place for student-athletes to discover and develop their God-given talents while building valuable life skills, such as discipline, teamwork, commitment, perseverance, and sportsmanship.


The HHCA experience is enhanced through a variety of opportunities beyond the classroom that foster student growth and help students develop their God-given gifts and abilities. We encourage students to get plugged in through clubs, organizations, academics, athletics, or the arts. 

HHCA Robotics Club