In Middle School Athletics* we emphasize learning the skills and fundamentals of each sport to help prepare us to compete at the Junior Varsity level. A balance of participation as well as competition is integrated at this level. The coach will manage playing time to give each team member a reasonable amount of playing time in each event. Not all team members will get the same amount of time in each game, but the coach is strongly encouraged to be aware of the management of all his players’ participation. As we like to compete and be successful when we play sports our overall goal of Middle School Athletics is to develop and grow our athletes so when they finish competing they leave with a positive experience and excitement about the role they played on the team.

During Middle School your child can compete in the following sports:

Boys Girls
Fall Football* Volleyball*
Cross Country Cross Country
Swimming Swimming
Winter Basketball* Basketball*
Spring Soccer* Soccer*
Baseball* Clay Target
Clay Target Track

*Sports that have dedicated Middle School teams. Other sports listed are at the Junior Varsity or Varsity levels.

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