Middle School Theater Elective
 Through the course of the year, students are introduced to foundational concepts in theater arts.  Public speaking skills are also emphasized.  Students experience warm-up techniques, improvisation, and pantomime.  They will learn to express emotions and ideas using interpretive movements and dialogue, dramatize literary selections, and participate in skits and scenes.  Concepts of design, direction, and theater production are also integrated throughout the semester.   MS Theatre is very participatory and encourages interaction and cooperation among students.

5th Grade General Music
In fifth grade, general music meets once a week for a full year of study.  Students learn exciting concepts, discovering all of the instruments, singing, listening, composing and studying the great musicians of the past.  They also explore music from around the world along with studying our own American music.  Many assignments are project-based and include integration with music technology.

6th Grade General Music
In sixth grade, general music students also meet once a week for a full year to enhance their understanding of the musical concepts introduced in 5th grade.  There is more of a focus on music technology in 6th grade as students use our school laptops to compose music, research various topics, write an interactive eBook for the iPad and manipulate digital audio.  Students also have a chance in 6th grade to learn basic concepts of playing the guitar, djembe and piano.

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