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Upper School


We believe God calls His followers to excellence as a matter of principle, and as an act of worship. Accordingly, the pursuit of excellence permeates everything we do during the high school years at HHCA, including Academics.

Our goal is to produce young Christian men and women who, at the conclusion of their high school career, are equipped with the skills necessary for success in college and the modern job market, and who are prepared to impact the world for Christ. 

A broad range of courses are offered at various levels, including College Placement, Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP), to create an appropriate and challenging course of study for every student. Online and Dual Enrollment options are also available. Every course is designed with intention, with an emphasis on depth of learning and the development of higher-order thinking skills. 

Our unique academic model can be explained by these distinct tenets that help to define the HHCA experience:


As a result of the entire HHCA experience, upon commencement our goal is for the HHCA graduate to:

  • have mastered core subjects and are prepared for college and beyond

  • have discovered and nurtured their God-given talents

  • have developed a personal and professional skillset, equipped to lead and serve with excellence

  • have been provided with a firm foundation built on biblical truth comprising of a growing relationship with Christ

  • be prepared to confidently proceed to post graduate work, whether college, career or another path they choose beyond HHCA. Generally, 98% choose college. 


HHCA Dream Big Campaign

Our daughter joined the HHCA community as a Junior.  Her experience is by far the best we have ever known throughout her entire educational journey, and we only wish she could have come sooner. 

She loves her school, and so do we.

New HHCA Upper School Parent


Dedicated to developing ongoing supportive and collaborative relationships, HHCA's Guidance Team aims to ensure that every family is equipped with the knowledge and encouragement to make prayerful decisions concerning the direction of their student's life. Personal counsel is provided to Upper School students and families, offering numerous resources and services to ensure students are prepared for college, career, or whatever path they choose beyond HHCA.

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Older Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in several meaningful programs that help set our school apart. Read more about two distinguishing opportunities below.


During the junior and senior years, students have the opportunity to delve deeply into an area of study of their own choosing through our Diploma with Distinction Capstone Program. 

Working with a faculty mentor and team of advisors, participants engage in a long-term project of real-world significance within their chosen field. 

Upon successful defense of the capstone project, students are awarded this prestigious title, which is reflected on their high school transcript and diploma.


Collaborating with local business partners, internships offer students hands-on experience, an invaluable step in helping them develop college and career goals. 

Students are encouraged to approach internships confidently, professionally, and enthusiastically. Details of the internship experience are at the discretion of the business partner but generally include:

  • Teaching and coaching
  • Providing insight into the career field
  • Demonstrating expertise

Supporting businesses as needed, student interns get to observe procedures and meetings, provide customer service and office support, research, special projects, and more.

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