The Diploma with Distinction Program is a capstone program that affords participating students the opportunity to engage in long-term project of real-world significance within their chosen field. During the course of the project, students work with a faculty mentor and a team of faculty advisors who help provide direction to the student’s path of investigation. Successful completion of the capstone project will entail both written and visual elements as well as a successful formal defense of the project before a panel of faculty and administrative reviewers. Upon successful defense of the capstone project, students will be awarded distinguished status, which will be reflected upon their high school transcript and their diploma. Students who graduate with distinction will be afforded special recognition at graduation. This program is available to all juniors and entails a commitment that carries through the junior and senior years of study.

Program Details

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  • Benefits

    Aside from the academic benefits students gain from having the opportunity to hone the executive and critical thinking skills necessary to complete a long-term project, students also are afforded the opportunity to work directly with a faculty mentor on a project of real-world significance. Throughout the process, students will learn how to conduct and present research and/or manage a project at a deeper level than anything they have previously experienced. Moreover, it is precisely this sort of real-world learning that universities and colleges seek. The Diploma with Distinction program affords the student a ready-made topic of conversation for interviews and essays during the admissions and scholarship process, demonstrating depth of study as well as showcasing the areas of passion embraced by each student.
  • Current Projects

    HHCA students are currently engaging in the following areas of study:
    • A study of war-related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as presented in nonfiction, fiction, and elements of popular culture.
    • Exploring, understanding, and creating a successful and viable business plan in order to manage a small computer company.
    • An examination of the psychological and sociological implications of losing a parent, accompanied by an artistic depiction of one’s healing process.
    • An investigation into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the Unhappy Triad knee injury in basketball players.
    • A postmodern creative narrative of shifting perspectives that reveal progressive mental instability and illness.
    • A cinematic interpretation of an adolescent’s handling of personal tragedy.
    • An analysis of fashion as high art, culminating in an exposition of wearable art.
    • An insight into financial trends and social media marketing strategies of local small businesses.
    • Tracing the visual history of South Carolina docks using mixed media and aesthetic representation.
    • An exploration into the history and adaptations of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker accompanied by a contemporary reimagining of his ballet.
  • Project Phases

    Each Capstone Project will consist of five modules. Each module must be completed in sequence, with the module completed by the final dates listed below. However, it is possible for students to move at a quicker pace if a module is completed prior to the date given.
    • Module 1: Formation of Project and Committee (September to February of Junior Year)

    • Module 2: Backround Research and Literature Review (February of Junior Year to August of Senior Year)

    • Module 3: Drafting of Project (August to December of Senior Year)

    • Module 4: Revision of Project (December to March of Senior Year)

    • Module 5: Defense, Presentation, and Recognition of Project (March to May of Senior Year)

Hannah Reynolds (Diploma with Distinction Graduate, Alumni)

The program has allowed me to discover who I really am, not only as a student at HHCA, but who I think I want to be in the future as a woman, citizen, and thinker in today's society.

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