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Tuition and Fees


2022-2023 School Year Tuition

  Annual Payment**  Bi-Annual Quarterly Monthly***
Kindergarten (K) $11,425 $5,850 $2,925 $975
Grades 1-5 $13,875 $7,075 $3,540 $1,180
Grades 6-8 $16,150 $8,240 $4,120 $1,375
Grades 9-12 $16,800 $8,575 $4,290 $1,430

These are maximum rates for enrollment that may be adjusted downward based upon financial need.

**Annual tuition as presented includes a 2% pay-in-full discount.

***The monthly rate above is based on 12 payments. The rate may change if the student begins later in the school year and payments do not begin in June.

Additional Fees: An application fee of $100 is required to process the applications of each new student. Additional costs may be associated with participation in extracurricular activities, transportation, lunch orders, and uniforms.


Making HHCA Affordable

A quality Christian education is one of the single greatest investments you can make in the life of your child. Understanding that this investment is significant, our goal is to make the desire for an HHCA education become a reality for as many families as possible. 

To assist in helping more families experience the value of HHCA, we offer a program called Flex Tuition that can customize tuition costs and payments to fit your family's financial position.

Over one-third of our families participate in our Flex Tuition program with an average tuition adjustment of 35%.

Flex Tuition applications for the 2022-2023 school year are available HERE 

Flex Tuition FAQ

HHCA Financial Policies

HHCA Admissions
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