VOTE TODAY for HHCA's Little Mermaid. Voting ends Dec. 31

Broadway World just announced the nominees for their 2019 Regional Awards and HHCA's Little Mermaid has several nominations. VOTE TODAY for HHCA's Little Mermaid show and cast!
Vote for The Little Mermaid: "BEST MUSICAL" in Musical (Non-Professional)
Vote for Jacey Robinson (Ariel): "BEST ACTRESS" in Musical (Non-Professional)
Vote for Samantha Norton (Ursula): "BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS" in Musical (Non-Professional)
Vote for Ethan Cornett (Sebastian): "BEST ACTOR" in Musical (Non-Professional) 
Voting ends December 31.
Voting Instructions: 
1. Click link below
2. You do NOT have to login or register 
3. Scroll down and click where it says “click to vote”
4. Scroll down to enter your email address 
5. Click on their category OR go page by page until you get to all 3 (BEST ACTRESS / BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS / BEST ACTOR .....IN MUSICAL OR PLAY (NON PROFESSIONAL)
6. Vote for JACEY, SAM and ETHAN
7. Continue through all other pages until you get to 100% complete. It will say “Vote complete - you will receive an email confirmation.”
8.  Open the email they send you and CONFIRM, otherwise it won’t count!  
9. Pass it on to all your friends!
10. Voting Ends Dec 31st
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