HHCA Senior Spotlights

HHCA honored the Class of 2020 by shining the spotlight on one of our special seniors everyday during the month of April. You can find our Senior Spotlights on HHCA's Instagram and Facebook, too! Join us in prayer for all of our Eagles as they leave our nest and continue on their journey after HHCA.
Makenna Mitchell
"HHCA has allowed Makenna to grow into an amazing and unique young woman, full of big dreams, a heart filled with love and a passion to keep God in the forefront of her life!" -Stacey Mitchell | She's excited to head to the NYU Tisch School of the Arts!
Scarlett Camp
"I will miss the daily life I experienced at HHCA for the past 13 years. I'll miss my friends, teachers and everyone I have been lucky to see on a day to day basis at HHCA." -Scarlett | She's excited to head to the University of South Carolina!
Ethen Cornett
"I think Ethen will miss Ms. Lankowski, Mrs. Lutz, Mrs. Murphy, and Ms. Poole. These ladies have been pivotal in helping Ethen navigate his junior and senior year - especially  Mrs. Poole.  She took him under her wing and became more than just his teacher -- she became his friend." -Bobbie Cornett
Hayden Shinn
"Hayden will miss suiting up with his brothers [his actual brother and his teammates] and representing his coaches and his HHCA community." -Michele Shinn | Hayden is excited to head to Hampden-Sydney College!

Daniel Harrington
"HHCA has truly blessed Daniel by affording him the opportunity to grow in all facets of his life. The mentoring he has received within the realms of his spiritual growth, academics, sports, and performing arts has helped shape him into a well-rounded individual. We are so proud of him and so thankful for everyone at HHCA who has been our extended family in raising this fine young man." -Dan Harrington | Daniel is excited to head to The United States Military Academy West Point!
Avery White
"HHCA has provided Avery with a curriculum that is not only challenging, but also inspiring. The teachers (whom many he considers as mentors, counselors and friends) have encouraged him to strive for academic excellence and to truly be the best he can be. His participation in the Arts program has stretched him and taken him out of his comfort zone and at times into the “spot light." Most importantly, HHCA has not only taught Avery about God but has shown him how to have a growing relationship with Him. Over the years, Avery has considered HHCA as a school, a place of worship and a “home." -Sherry White | Avery is excited to head to the University of South Carolina!
Ben Jones
"Ben's HHCA journey has been both challenging & eye-opening, hence in the end, inspired him to be himself, try new things, go outside his comfort zone & put others first." -Laurie Jones | Ben is excited to head to the College of Charleston!
Kaleigh Montgomery
"Kaleigh has had such a positive experience at HHCA. She had a great time cheering on the varsity cheer team. She learned so much from her Internship at Birdie James. But most of all, she has been able to thrive at what she loves most and that is musical theatre and singing. There have been so many opportunities for Kaleigh to be on the stage which has helped prepare her for her next phase of life at College of Charleston." Kayleigh is excited to head to the College of Charleston!
Brielle McCarthy
"Brielle will miss her teammates and the relationships she has developed over the years with Mrs. Davis, Mrs. O'Grady, Mrs. Johns and especially Coach Kenny Conroy!" | Brielle is excited to head to Kennesaw State University!
Robert Hall
"Robert will miss all the friends that he has made over the last four years the most. I believe he will miss the teachers and coaches that he has come to care about also. I believe the structure of the learning at the school has made a great impact in his life. He has become a great young man which is a credit to the school. " -Steven Hall | Robert is excited to head to the University of South Carolina!
Gracie Buck
"Gracie will miss seeing her friends daily. She will miss laughing with Mr. Mousseau. She will miss seeing her sister, brother, mom, and cousin in the hallways. She will miss her parking spot! Gracie has created life long friendships, amazing memories during her time at HHCA. HHCA has felt like an extension of her home and family over the last 12 years. She has gained a firm foundation of who Jesus is and how loved she is. This Eagle is ready to SOAR!!" -Susan Buck | Gracie is excited to head to the University of South Carolina!
Ben Prylik
"Ben loved to be involved in theatre. He grew tremendously in his self confidence through the guidance of Mrs. McElroy. Ben loves to fly. He started taking lessons at age 13 and is now scheduled to finish his private pilot's license here on HHI. His dream has always been to become a commercial airline pilot. He loved to fly even as a baby. Ben's going to miss the small size school, and the caring, loving teachers who really are involved in the students lives and truly want the best for them." -Silke Pyrlik | Ben is excited to head to the University of North Dakota!
Lauren Anthony
"Lauren will miss the friendships formed during her time at HHCA and the positive influence of her professors. Lauren's journey at HHCA has helped to strengthen her relationship with the Lord and her trust in Him as she navigates the triumphs and obstacles she faces as a student and beyond." -Margaret Anthony | Lauren is excited to head to the College of Charleston!
Anna Bashaw
"I will miss the faculty who have always been so supportive especially, Mrs. Eddy, who has been a wonderful mentor, first as a middle school teacher, and then as my high school cheer coach." -Anna | She's excited to head to Wofford College!
Margaret Donaldson
"Margaret will honestly miss the relationships she has formed with her teachers probably more than anything else. While that may sound like the appropriate answer, in her case, it’s honestly true. She has forged some really great bonds within the teaching staff at HHCA and as a parent, I am grateful for that. She is a natural-born leader and as such, has excelled at her leadership positions within the myriad of clubs in which she has been involved. Margaret’s journey at HHCA has honestly impacted and enhanced her faith on many levels. The ability to shine as a leader both athletically and academically has served Margaret well, moving her to further involvement in local youth group organizations. In turn, this has resulted in Margaret being a grounded and Christian role model, not only among her peers in the community but for her younger siblings at home as well." -Catherine Donaldson | Margaret is excited to head to Mississippi State University's Honors College!
Grace Hilton
"Grace will miss her teachers and friends. She has a gentle and quiet spirit...through her journey, she has become secure and confident that God leads her path." -Melanie Hilton | Grace is excited to head to DePauw University!
Piper Thomas
"Piper will mostly miss the relationships she has built with teachers over the years. They have been a huge influence on her and helped to direct her life. HHCA has given Piper a base of Christianity which will impact her decisions and her life forever. Being able to see teachers, mentors and peers live out a Christian life in front of her every day has been an invaluable experience." -Donna Thomas | Piper is excited to head to the University of South Carolina!
Clay Holmberg
"Clay will miss his great friends, both students and teachers at HHCA. He will miss Mr. Smith's AP Gov class. Clay has grown in wisdom and character, living alongside the friends, teachers and mentors at HHCA that have poured into his high school years. He will carry with him the benefit of learning in a supportive, distinctly Christian community." -Jenny Holmberg | Clay is excited to head to Middle Tennessee State University!
Margaret Edens
"I will miss the mentorship of the staff, especially Mr. Langhals, Coach Conroy and Mrs. Davis." -Margaret Edens. Margaret is excited to head to Anderson University!
Stewart Dolbeare
"Stewart's two year journey at HHCA has helped him transition back to living in the United States in a loving environment after growing up in the Caribbean. He has grown in his relationship with Christ and been impacted by his loving friends and mentors. Stewart says he is a better man. His time at HHCA has fostered and grown his passion to pursue an education and career in sports management. He's going to miss his friends, teachers and Coach Peduzzi." -Christine Dolbeare | Stewart is excited to head to the University of South Carolina!
Savannah Kemper
"Savannah will miss the close knit community environment and how well the teachers know her and truly mentor her. They have been incredibly supportive during a very difficult year. She has really connected with a number of her teachers at HHCA. They have challenged her and guided her through her academic pursuits and made it fun along the way. The caring community at HHCA has been incredibly supportive to her and our family through some very difficult and life altering events. Without the love and support she received from all the staff and classmates at HHCA, it would have been harder for her to move forward." -Ann Marie Kemper | Savannah is excited to head to Clemson University!
Rashad Gadson
"I will miss Mr. Baute, Mr. Berry, Mrs. Davis, and Mrs. Jackson for always being there to talk to, the Academic Resource Center, chapel Thursdays and mostly the warm welcomes I received everyday I walked through those front doors from Mrs. Higgs. This year has really helped me and allowed me to grow musically and through dance and acting." -Rashad
Joey Reindl
"Joey enjoys all of the people at HHCA, but he will especially miss the teachers. HHCA's smaller class size and fewer teachers allows them to get to know students a lot more than in other school settings. Joey appreciates the personal investment that his teachers have made in him and in his classmates. They consistently demonstrate their faith, their humanity, and their exceptional ability to teach both academically and by example. Joey has grown to love teachers he thought he'd never get along with as well as those who he bonded with right away. HHCA has offered a perfect environment to Joey. In lower school, it was protective. Teachers recognized Joey's shyness and lack of confidence and found ways to make him feel safe and unique. In middle school, it was encouraging. As Joey came out of his shell, his teachers presented him with multiple opportunities to be involved, to learn, and to emerge as a leader. In high school, it is inspiring. Joey's teachers challenge him to learn and to apply the knowledge. They give him opportunities to enjoy success and to accept failure. They demonstrate to him how to be better person than he was yesterday. They encourage him to try new things and reach for increasingly difficult goals. HHCA has played a large part in Joey's journey." -Shelly Reindl | Joey is excited to head to The University of Miami, Ohio!
Floyd Hargrove
"Floyd always aspires to inspire! HHCA is a FAMILY, a home away from home! I know that Floyd will miss this! He will miss his teachers, coaches and friends! Floyd will also miss the positive peer pressure to be like Christ! HHCA has been a blessing to Floyd! He has matured physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. HHCA has been a home away from home; an environment that encourages Floyd to live out his FAITH! Floyd will forever be a partner in the mission of HHCA--to know Christ and to make Him known!" -Charliece Capers | Floyd is excited to head to Furman University!
Lexi Qualls
"Lexi will miss all of the younger students that she has had the wonderful opportunity to mentor and build relationships with through Young Life, her job as an ACE Counselor, and her leadership/mentor role in the Life on Life program. Lexi's 10-year journey at HHCA has been impacted the most through relationships: There are several teachers/mentors that have had a strong impact on Lexi, which have encouraged Lexi to have a strong desire and motivation to reach out to others to mentor. Young Life has been a critical part of Lexi's journey and she has led may other students to Young Life. Rebecca Joyner, from HHCA, introduced Lexi to YL." -Karen Qualls
Lexi is excited to head to Clemson University!
Lauryn Qualls
"Lauryn will miss her teachers that she has built strong relationships with over the years. She will miss the small, family-like environment that HHCA offers. Lauryn has formed many close relationships with students and teachers during her years at HHCA. These close relationships and friendships have impacted her life. She has also loved playing on the Varsity Volleyball team for 5 years and will miss Coach DeSimone." -Karen Qualls | Lauryn is excited to head to Clemson University!
Ansley Peck
"Throughout her K-12 years, HHCA has taught Ansley in a lot of different areas. We asked her how she felt she has been most impacted by her journey at HHCA? Her reply, 'This is your one shot at life on this earth. Be the person who makes it a better place.' Thank you HHCA!" -Dave & Melanie Peck | She's excited to head to the University of South Carolina, Beaufort!
Emma Stewart
"I will deeply miss all of those who have guided me throughout my years at HHCA; Mr. Berry, Mrs. Johns, Mrs. McElroy, Ms. Kopitsky, and many others. I will miss my theatre cast mates and my Varsity Cheerleading team and spending countless hours practicing and doing what I love. I have been able to find my purpose in Jesus Christ and how to love others like he loves us." -Emma Stewart | Emma is excited to head to Withrop University!
Jasmine Campbell
"Jasmine will miss eating lunch with "the lunch bunch" in Coach Conroy's office. Jasmine has learned through ups and downs that it's what you choose to focus on that matters. The small class sizes that HHCA offers allowed Jasmine to form relationships with her classmates and teachers. She will particularly miss laughing and joking with Coach Conroy, Coach Peduzzi and Mr. Mousseau. She will also miss the special bonds that she formed with Mr. Langhals, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Johns, and Mrs. Higgs." -Yolanda Campbell | She's excited to head to Claflin University!
Elliott Lentz
"Elliott will miss her mentor & jazz teacher, James Berry who has cultivated her talents. His passion for music & teaching & consistent support has been a gift." -Erin Lentz
Camden Lutes
Cam is excited to head to the College of Charleston to study Marine Biology! 


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