Attention Lower School Parents!

As the weather gets cooler, and you begin sending your students to school with sweaters, jackets, and coats, please be sure to label all outerwear garments with your child’s name
Also, please review the dress code requirements for outerwear found here. It can also be found on the HHCA.org website.  
Sweaters and jackets that comply with the dress code may be worn in the classroom and throughout the day.  
Coats and items that do not comply with the dress code may be worn to school; however, they may not be worn in the classroom.

Outer garments such as jackets and sweaters must be solid in color: black, navy blue, gray, or white.  


No large graphics, insignias, brand logos, or slogans are to be worn. (Nike, Vineyard Vine, etc.) 


HHCA sweatshirts and HHCA hoodies may be worn to school each day. 


Students should wear the collared logo shirt under their sweatshirt. 


Lower school students may NOT wear boots, flip flops, or light up shoes.



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