Will you help HHCA "Dream BIG?"


Our dreams for HHCA are ambitious--and they should be. We serve a God who takes pleasure in working through His faithful servants.  

HHCA was founded by a group of visionaries who dreamed of making Christian education available for families in the Lowcountry.

Starting a brand new Christian school was not without challenges...yet they stepped out in faith anyway, with BIG DREAMS in their hearts, and watched God's provision unfold.

Like that faithful group who founded Hilton Head Christian Academy in 1979, HHCA continues to walk in faith toward the BIG DREAMS He has placed in our hearts for His school.



In a year when plans and projects have been cancelled and postponed, HHCA continues to prayerfully adapt and walk in faith toward the BIG DREAMS He has placed within our hearts.

We are ending 2020 full of hope, gratitude and BIG dreams by introducing the Dream BIG initiative to support The HHCA Fund

We are praying that the entire HHCA community will participate by making a one-time gift of $79 (or more if you feel led) in honor of the visionaries who founded our school in 1979 when they stepped out in faith towards the BIG DREAMS God placed in their hearts.
The HHCA Fund supports Hilton Head Christian Academy's greatest assets--our students and mentors. Funds raised annually allow our school to provide tremendous enrichment opportunities and other benefits such as superior faculty, state-of-the-art technology and more. 
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