HHCA Students (and Mentors!) of the Month

Join us in congratulating HHCA's November Stars who were selected by the HHCA faculty and staff for their leadership, service to others, and for being an embodiment of HHCA's core values. 
November Stars:
LS Student: Miah Kristoff
MS Student: Nyla Capers
US Student: Elizabeth Drozd
LS Mentor: Debbie Hammett
MS Mentor: Julie Richardson
US Mentor: Brandon Gray
Support Staff: Steve Bryant
October Stars:
Lower School Student: Henry Collett
Middle School Student: Sage Bradshaw
Upper School Student: Harper Krimm
Lower School Mentor: JW Wilkerson
Middle School Mentor: Rachel Odum
Upper School Mentor: Dan Harrington
HHCA Support Staff: Daniel Rodriguez
September Stars: 
Lower School Student: Aaron James Jackson
Middle School Student: Caitlyn Jackson
Upper School Student: Kyle Scannell
Lower School Mentor: Kelly Knight
Middle School Mentor: Aaron Mau, Drew Dale
Upper School Mentor: Courtney O'Connor
HHCA Support Staff: Jen Bowen, School Nurse
August Stars:
Lower School Student: Campbell Guscio
Middle School Student: Mason Mikkelson
Upper School Student: Brady Bagenstose
Lower School Mentor: Ashley Bezilla
Middle School Mentor: Mike Spangler
Upper School Mentor: Parker Collins
HHCA Support Staff: Bridget Short, Registrar
Congratulations Eagles!
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