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HHCA USCB Dual Enrollment Agreements (signed last page only) are due to Mrs. Robinson today! (NLT tomorrow, 5/13).
HHCA TCL Dual Enrollment Agreements (signed last page only) are due to Mrs. Robinson by next Friday 5/20.
USCB Dual Enrollment Application (DUE Sunday 5/15 by 11:59pm):
TCL Dual Enrollment Application (DUE ASAP for best course availability):
Guidance continues scheduling rising 9th-12th grade students for 2022-23. All students should have a schedule by Friday, May 13. If not, they should see Mrs. Robinson or Ms. Lankowski as soon as possible. They will be upstairs in the mentor work area through next week.


See this link to several community service, work (summer jobs!) & leadership opportunities. Build that resume! :)

HELPFUL RESOURCES: HHCA's Guidance Team provides numerous helpful resources for students and their families as they navigate the path to college planning and career preparation. Check out the resources here. 


RISING JUNIOR STUDENTS & PARENTS:  Click here to set up your 60 minute appointment. To make the most of our meeting time, here are 3 things to do ahead of time:

  1. Take this short survey (10 minutes)
  2. Complete the YouScience Career Assessment in SCOIR. (It will take 1.5 hours, but you can start and stop until finished.)
  3. Review the HHCA Guidance - College Webpage for an overview of the items we may discuss.
RISING SOPHOMORE AND FRESHMAN STUDENTS & PARENTS: More information and an opportunity to discuss student schedules will be coming soon, so stand by!
SUMMER PROGRAMS (9-12): Now is the time to think about summer plans, and college camps (academic / leadership / sports) are always a good idea! Check the HHCA Guidance/College webpage "Summer Programs" for ideas to get you started.



We are seeking Community Partners to speak to the Personal Finance class (meets M-Th 9:30-11:00, Fri 9-9:45) on the following potential topics:

-Financial planning

-Banking, credit



-Personal experience with getting out of debt, starting/running a business, interesting career paths, how you worked through/paid for college, trade jobs

-Any other pertinent topics

Contact Mrs. Robinson or Coach Grunkmeyer for more information or to set a date to come and speak.

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