HHCA Alumni Spotlights


Integrity, a servant's heart, confidence, humility, drive, and determination are only a few traits cultivated during a student's HHCA experience.
An essential part of our school's mission state is providing a firm Christ-centered foundation so they can impact the world for Him well beyond their time on campus. In fact, perhaps the greatest testament to how we fulfill our mission is what the HHCA graduate exemplifies.
With countless stories of their successes and, most importantly, the relationships and foundations formed that last well beyond their journey on our campus, the HHCA experience is best shared in their own words. 
We are excited to share this series about amazing HHCA alumni via social media at @hhcaeagles and here on hhca.org. To learn more about the series or participate, reach out to Haley Sulka at hsulka@hhca.org or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.
"Take your time, enjoy life, have fun, travel places, and have faith that God will place you where you are meant to be in the end."
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"The influence from HHCA and the staff there gave me a strong base to accomplish my goals! It gave me a belief in myself and faith in God..."
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"I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to go to HHCA because it has truly helped build the foundation of my faith, life, and career."
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"My advice to current HHCA students is to not speed up your time of being young and in high school. I know that I’m still young in a sense, but as you get older, more responsibilities come." 
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"Great mentors guided me to become a better player and person. There isn't a shortcut worth taking, because the grind is what makes those victories taste even sweeter." 
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"My spiritual life today would not be what it is without the teachers and coaches that God placed in my life through HHCA. I still meet with my 9th-grade bible teacher from HHCA once a week." 
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"One of my favorite HHCA mentors taught me to treat school like a 9-5 job. I wasn't the best student in high school, but graduated from Clemson with honors because I truly took his advice to heart."
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