2d grade

Celebrating 40 Years (1979-2019)

Our mission is to partner with families by providing students with a firm foundation, comprising a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and a relentless pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts, through which students are equipped to impact the world for His glory.
To Know Christ and Make Him Known


God's Faithfulness to HHCA: 1979-2019

With a passion for Christian education and the help of several other families, George and Mary Winn Lent founded Hilton Head Christian Academy in 1979. The school assembled at Grace Church on Matthews Drive when it opened its doors. HHCA's first Board of Directors was formed In 1981, and a few short years later HHCA moved to a new location on Arrow Road. In 1984, HHCA had it's first graduating class with only one graduate. In 1987, just three years later, the kindergarten class was overflowing with 31 children. 
Around the same time, the Lord began planting the dream for a new campus in the hearts of HHCA's earliest pioneers, Robert Graves and Konrad Marcus. Graves recalled about that day, "As I was driving over the bridge to Hilton Head, it was as if the Lord said, Robert, Hilton Head has been so good to you. What are you going to do for Hilton Head?” Graves shared this with his close friend, Konrad Marcus and Marcus replied with great confidence, "Robert, you're going to help me build a school for HHCA!"  With that, plans for a new campus began to develop. Robert Graves, Konrad Marcus, John Reed and many other families worked tirelessly and sacrificed collectively to build the Gardner Drive campus that HHCA calls home today. The Gardner Drive campus opened its doors in 1989, just one short decade after its founding, with over 170 students enrolled.
In 2019, HHCA celebrated its 40th anniversary and today, with over 400 students enrolled, the HHCA community is preparing for the next exciting chapter in HHCA's story: a new campus in Bluffton.  The new campus, currently under construction, is set to open its doors in January 2021. While much has changed through the years, HHCA's vision has remained constant throughout: to know Christ and to make Him known. 

"I am so grateful for those that came before me and were brave enough to heed God's call on their life."

Pamela Joy O'Grady
(HHCA Grandparent)



1979 School opens on Matthews Drive (Pre-K through 12th grade)
1981 Board of Directors formed
1984 First Graduate of HHCA
1989 Moved to 55 Gardner Drive (our current location)
1994 Middle School campus addition
2001 High School hall, cafeteria, media center addition
2013 Performing Arts Center, Band, Art, and classroom addition