Meet Our Mentors

As we seek to follow Christ and grow leaders, the faculty and staff of HHCA are committed to equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and perseverance needed to become problem-solvers and life-changers.
We challenge our students to view work as worship, seeking excellence in everything they do for the glory of God.

Our uniquely-gifted and exceptionally-trained teachers and administrators thrive on pouring their lives into the lives of our students. This highly-relational approach seeks to help discover and develop each student’s personal talents and unique qualities.

Research shows that the single most important factor in the quality of education your child receives is the quality and investment of the teacher.  With over 65% of our faculty holding advanced degrees and 100% of our educators consistently investing their hearts into the lives of students, this team of excellent educators is, without question, HHCA’s most valued asset. This is the HHCA difference.

Christian mentoring and authentically living out the gospel will always be more powerful than just talking about it.  At HHCA, we intentionally surround each student with Christian faculty and staff who are equipped to mentor and model Christ’s love. Our staff is challenged to demonstrate their faith in Christ daily in all interactions with students.

We believe the power of a mentor in a student’s life is so great, we made a shift in our language to reflect this truth. When we talk about HHCA faculty, you’ll notice quickly we don’t refer to them as teachers - we call them mentors to fully reflect the important role they play in the lives of our students.

HHCA continues to invest in its extraordinary faculty and staff. Our recent partnership with New Tech Network, a leader in transforming schools into innovative learning environments, provides the resources and training necessary to implement the finest in experiential learning education. This extensive training has positioned our educators for success - they are equipped to equip. Through a highly-relational approach to teaching, HHCA mentors impart the knowledge, skills, and perseverance student’s need to become problem solvers and world-changers.
HHCA Mentors circa April 2020: