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The Move To Bluffton

A seed was planted in 1979 and through the vision and determination of a few families who desired to see Christian education in the Lowcountry, HHCA has grown and flourished - educating students and impacting thousands of families in our community and around the world over a span of 40 years. 
Our Bluffton campus will be unique. In fact, it will position HHCA among the top 1% of schools in the world designed from the ground up to provide the best learning environment for tomorrow's leaders. 
The campus, located conveniently near Buckwalter Parkway and Bluffton Parkway, is currently under construction. It is scheduled to open during the 2020-2021 school year. 

fielding nair

Fielding Nair International, our design architect, has built over 600 schools in 47 countries and is the undisputed world leader in 21st century education design. HHCA is partnering with FNI to bring the best in architecture as well as the best in curriculum design to our new campus. Our faculty and staff have been immersed in FNI's comprehensive training program for educators for the past three years to equip students to be ready for the modern world. Our school will not only look different, it will be different. 
The story of one FNI school, located in Greenville, SC:


court atkins

Alongside FNI as the design architect, HHCA is also partnering with local architectural firm, Court Atkins Group. Court Atkins has serviced the Lowcountry for nearly 20 years and earned an excellent reputation for quality design and local expertise. Their talented and diverse team brings together over 50 years of architectural experience for selected clients throughout the coastal Lowcountry, as well as in Florida, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, and North Carolina.  Court Atkins has won numerous design awards for both commercial and residential architecture.  
We are excited about these partnerships and eagerly await the product from these world-leading design teams.
Frequently Asked Questions About The Move To Bluffton:
While our current campus has allowed us to begin implementing a 21st Century Educational Model, the new facility will provide the specialized space needed to enable this model to be fully realized.  Essentially, the move to Bluffton will give us the opportunity to grow every aspect of our school to the next level. It means state-of-the-art academic spaces and learning communities, designated areas for the arts and top-notch athletic facilities.

Perhaps more important than our physical space is our dedication to our vision which is "To know Christ and to make Him known."  Inherent in this vision is the opportunity to share it with as many families as possible.  

The Bluffton area is the fastest growing area in SC and among the fastest growing areas along the East Coast.  Currently over half of our students come from Bluffton and the population continues to grow, especially among young families. With this move we will pave the way for the next generation of HHCA graduates to continue to impact the world for the glory of God.
The HHCA property is located at the corner of Bluffton Parkway and Masters Way. Thanks to generous donors, we have 27 amazing acres in a prime location. Our new locations allow us to double the size of our campus and reach more families who want an excellent, faith-based education.
The current HHCA campus is currently under contract for sale and is expected to close late fall 2019.  
In a word, Community.

Because we encourage a culture of mentoring between our Kindergarten through 12th grade students, we have placed a high priority on our community staying together. Our desire is to have one community on one site. 


  • Proceeds from the sale of the Hilton Head campus
  • Eagles' Wings: Elevating Excellence Capital Campaign
  • Fiscally responsible financing as needed
Because of the generous donation of the land in Bluffton, we have no debt on that property.
The goal is to have a physical presence in Bluffton within the 2020-2021 school year. As with any undertaking of this size, the project’s timeline relies on a number of factors. We will continue to seek God’s guidance and timing.
We need you.
Here are ways you can help. We need everyone involved to make this a reality.
  • Prayer
  • Donations
  • Services or “in-kind” donations
  • Time
Bus service will continue. It’s a reverse commute for islanders without the traffic that Bluffton students currently face coming onto the island.
We want to answer any questions you may have during this exciting time of our school.  Please direct any additional questions to Dorothy Guscio, Director of Advancement, at