Annual Payment** Bi-Annual Quarterly Monthly***
Kindergarten (K) $11,425 $5,850 $2,925 $975
Grades 1-5 $13,875 $7,075 $3,540 $1,180
Grades 6-8 $16,150 $8,240 $4,120 $1,375
Grades 9-12 $16,800 $8,575 $4,290 $1,430

These are maximum rates for enrollment that may be adjusted downward based upon financial need.
** Annual tuition as presented includes a 2% pay-in-full discount.

***The monthly rate above is based on 12 payments. The rate may change if the student begins later in the school year and payments do not begin in June.
Additional Fees: An application fee of $100 is required to process the applications of each new student. Additional costs may be associated with participation in extracurricular activities, transportation, lunch orders, and uniforms.


A quality Christian education is one of the single greatest investments you can make in the life of your child. Understanding that this investment is significant, our goal is to make the desire for an HHCA education become a reality for as many families as possible. 
To assist in helping more families experience the value of HHCA, we offer a program called Flex Tuition that can customize tuition costs and payments to fit your family's financial position.
Over one-third of our families participate in our Flex Tuition program with an average tuition adjustment of 35%.
Flex Tuition applications for the 2022-2023 school year are available HERENOTE: The flex tuition online application will say "21-22" until October 11, 2021, at which time it will be transferred over to the 22-23 school year. 


Flex Tuition is a needs-based tuition assistance program that allows families to apply for a reduced tuition rate that meets their family’s financial need. 
This makes an HHCA education attainable for many qualified students who could not otherwise join our school family.
Any current or new family of an HHCA student may apply for Flex Tuition if they feel their economic situation may make it difficult to cover the full tuition rate. 
New candidates applying for Flex Tuition must complete the full flex tuition application within Phase 1 of the application process. Learn more about the full application process HERE.
Many factors are considered when determining the Flex Tuition rate the school can grant, including family income, assets, size of family, and unusual expenses or extenuating circumstances, as well as resources that the school has available in each given year.
To ensure consistency and fairness in how Flex Tuition rates are determined, each family must apply initially through our third-party analysis service, Smart Aid
With supporting documents including tax returns and other evidence of income, Smart Aid confirms and analyzes each family’s need, providing a comprehensive report and initial recommendation to HHCA. 
HHCA’s Flex Tuition team uses this tool to guide their decision on the final Flex Tuition rate to be granted to each family, which is communicated from the Business Office.
Each year a wide range of families with a variety of circumstances qualify for the program, from those who can pay close to a full-tuition rate to those who can pay much less. 
While no family is awarded a Flex Tuition rate that fully covers their tuition cost, we strive to provide each family with a Flex Tuition solution that will best meet their need. 
Our commitment to providing Flex Tuition means that we are sharing in the investment with you.
Enrollment and admissions processes are entirely separate from the Flex Tuition program.  Both can be completed simultaneously.
Flex Tuition rates are confidential and not shared with the Admissions Office. 
We strive diligently to maintain the integrity of both the admissions/enrollment process and the Flex Tuition process as independent of one another.
Yes. This allows Smart Aid and the HHCA Flex Tuition team to factor in any family, economic or other extenuating circumstances that may change from year to year.
Yes. We recognize that economic situations and other factors can and do vary annually, and the program begins new each year.



All tuition and fee payments are handled through a third-party billing processor, Smart Tuition.


It is the responsibility of the family to ensure that they have established an account with Smart Tuition and that they manage and maintain a current account at all times. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the family to read and understand all policies and procedures related to their account with Smart Tuition, including but not limited to payment methods and due dates.


HHCA offers multiple payment plans: an annual one-time payment, or bi-annual, quarterly, or monthly payments. A discount is offered for tuition paid in full by June 15th prior to the start of that school year. If paying monthly, payments are required to be set up as an auto-draft.


In order to reserve a student’s seat for the coming year, HHCA requires at least 25% of tuition to be paid before the start of school. This is composed of payments due in June, July, and August if paying monthly; or the first quarter or semester if paying quarterly or bi-annually.


A late fee of $40.00 will be assessed for non-timely payment of tuition and fees. A $25.00 bank fee will be assessed for returned checks or failed payments.


Payment of tuition is a condition of continuing enrollment. The individual(s) who signs the enrollment agreement is ultimately responsible for all payments to the student’s account.

In the event that a family is unable to make a timely payment, contact should be initiated with the Business Office immediately to communicate the situation and make arrangements for payment. HHCA is committed to working diligently with its families to maintain each student’s enrollment in HHCA. In the event that an account begins aging and a payment arrangement cannot be agreed upon, the following steps will be taken:

  • Initial communication from Smart Tuition, notifying the family of late payment.

  • At 30 days past due, communication will be initiated by the Business Office, either electronically or via phone call, to request payment.

  • At 60 days past due, communication will be sent requesting payment and notifying the family that the student(s) will not be allowed to participate in the following services:
    - Access to report cards
    - Transcript requests
    - Extracurricular activities, including but not limited to athletics, drama, and school trips

  • At 90 days past due, a certified letter will be sent explaining that non-payment of tuition is equivalent to withdrawal, and the withdrawal process will be initiated for the student. No student with a balance that is 90 days or more past due will be allowed to start a semester.

For Re-enrolling Families: If a family enrolls their child at HHCA and subsequently withdraws their student, the family must notify the Admissions Office in writing no later than March 15th prior to the upcoming school year. After March 15th but prior to the first day of school, a $3,500 withdrawal fee per student will apply; however, the family will be released of any additional financial obligation.

For New Families: If a new family returns their enrollment contract and subsequently withdraws their student, they must notify the Admissions Office in writing no later than 4 weeks from the date of signing of their contract. If notification is received within the 4-week timeframe, the family will not be refunded their deposit or other fees paid at the time of contract signing; however, they will be released of any further financial obligation. If the family notifies the Admissions Office after the 4-week timeframe, the family will not be refunded their deposit or other fees paid at the time of contract-signing, AND the family will be subject to an additional $2,000 withdrawal fee.


Once a student begins attending classes at HHCA, the signor of the enrollment contract assumes the obligation to pay the remaining balance of tuition for the entirety of the school year. This obligation remains in effect in the event of withdrawal of the student prior to the end of the school year, whether the withdrawal is voluntary or for disciplinary, financial, and/or other reasons.


Tuition payments are non-refundable.


HHCA partners with Dewar Tuition Refund Insurance to offer parents protection for their tuition commitment in the case of an unforeseen student withdrawal from the school. Participation in the Tuition Refund Insurance Program is required for all students unless tuition is paid in full prior to the start of the school year, in which case participation is optional. The premium is calculated using a standard percentage and is based on the NET tuition amount owed for each student (total tuition net of any financial aid). The premium will be billed through Smart Tuition and is payable with the first payment.

Flex Tuition is HHCA’s program that determines a family’s financial need, and if a need exists, adjusts tuition to meet the family in their financial circumstance. Flex Tuition is awarded to families on a financial needs basis ONLY.


All Flex Tuition applications are submitted through a third-party processor, Smart Aid. Evaluation of completeness and validity of the information submitted, as well as the initial analysis of need, is provided by Smart Aid. When the family has completed the entire process with Smart Aid, including submitting all supporting documentation and follow-up requests from Smart Aid, the HHCA Financial Aid Committee reviews the Smart Aid Analysis. The Financial Aid Committee makes final decisions for Flex Tuition awards, including for appeals that are made to the original award granted to a family.


Families receiving Flex Tuition awards must re-apply in each year for which they enroll. Flex Tuition awards will not be “grandfathered” for any family from year to year.


For families receiving Flex Tuition awards, the enrollment agreement is not binding until they have formally accepted or declined the award.

Exceptions to any of the financial policies stated herein may be made solely by the Head of School and/or Board of Directors.


Admissions Questions?
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