The HHCA Model

Thank you for your interest in HHCA! We are excited about all that is happening in the life of our school and all that is on the horizon in the months to come, as we look towards the move to our brand new Bluffton campus in January 2021!
Ranked among the top private schools in South Carolina, HHCA boasts strength in academics in elementary, middle, and high school. HHCA is proud of its 100% matriculation rate among our high school seniors, 90% of whom earn merit-based scholarships. In 2019, HHCA's 45 seniors earned a combined $4.7 million in merit-based scholarships. In addition to a strong academic program, HHCA also offers an award-winning fine arts program and over 30 sports teams with opportunities for students to excel. Every year, our graduates begin the next chapter of their journey ready to use their God-given gifts and talents to impact the world.
When Hilton Head Christian Academy opens its new K-12 campus in Bluffton in January 2021, it will be among the 1% of schools worldwide designed to deliver a truly innovative learning environment, both in function and in architectural design. These innovative learning spaces will be powered by HHCA faculty who have undergone extensive training by our partners at Fielding International, experts leading the way in education planning and architectural design. 
This is an exciting time in the life of our school and we invite you to explore all that an HHCA education has to offer students during their elementary, middle and high school years! 
In Pursuit of Excellence,
Parker Collins
Academic Dean
academic model
At Hilton Head Christian Academy, our academic model is built upon authentic learning challenges, formulated by invested, knowledgeable mentors, and embedded with an identifiable Christian worldview. The methods utilized to foster student development construct thought pioneers, creative and critical thinkers, and culturally attuned, lifelong learners and risk takers, equipped to impact the world for His glory. This academic journey traversed by our students may be the most important path - other than their relationship with Christ - they will pursue.
In order to best prepare them for success, HHCA focuses on the learning experience to reinforce that how and why students learn is just as important as what they learn.
Our experiential learning methodologies are recognized by the following tenets:

Multiple Pathways for Student-Driven Learning.
Our project- and inquiry-based curriculum centers on driving questions, created from real-world situations impacting our students, which create ownership in the authentic learning process. Students engage learning through multiple, flexible pathways, based on their passions and skills. Mentors facilitate this learning by working collaboratively with students to continuously reflect on artifact creation, supplying supplemental, standards-based materials, and coordinating meaningful resources for students.

Community Involvement and Professional World Exposure.
At all levels, community relationships assist in the effectiveness of student learning. From professionals sharing experiences and hosting Lower School students on field trips to mock interviews and internships correlated with our Diploma with Distinction program for seniors, exposure to the professional world serves to hone interests and create relationships that shape the futures of our students.

Flexible Learning Spaces to Promote Collaboration and Communication.
In preparation for the evolving world into which they will enter, students are exposed to flexible learning spaces that mimic the interactions they will have to navigate to maintain success. Spatial designs that promote communication and collaboration will differentiate HHCA students from other individuals in the community and future workplaces. Learning suites also promote collaboration between mentors, which improves instruction efficiency and breadth of coverage.

Intentional Time for Development of Mentor Relationships.
To properly assess interests and provide the best experience, knowing students on a deeper level is vital. Through the Bible curriculum, daily E-10 meetings, and consistent communication with mentors and our guidance team, all students are known and served in a unique way. Weekly personal conversations with mentors help coordinate academic, emotional, and spiritual needs for all students.

Christ-Centered and Service-Oriented Opportunities.
Life for our students is so much more than the seven hours a day they participate in our academic program. Therefore, the Christ-centered approach employed encourages discussions and provides meaning to the processes undertaken during the school day. Pointing individuals to a relationship with Christ through the examples set by adults and peers, life questions addressed with biblical truths, and the mission opportunities provided manifest a servant spirit that allows a knowledge of Christ and the ability to make Him known.

Excellence in all of these areas helps fulfill our mission to effectively partner with families, deepen our relationship with Christ, and passionately pursue excellence in all aspects of our lives. As we continue to improve and expand our offerings, greater student growth and community impacts can be expected.
We invite you to experience learning with us!
Parker Collins
Parker Collins
Academic Dean
(843) 681-2878