Why HHCA | Lower School

At HHCA, we believe in great beginnings.
We know these early years matter. In fact, EVERY year matters!  Our lower school team of mentors and leaders set the stage for great beginnings every day by creating a safe and nurturing environment for students - one that promotes character, exploration and critical thinking. During these formative years, our young students are challenged and encouraged to begin exploring their unique God-given gifts and talents. From start to finish, the lower school curriculum is designed to provide every student with a strong foundation for intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. Just the right balance of structure and exploration is provided throughout the day to help each student achieve their maximum potential in all areas of development. 
Students in our Lower School enjoy classes in reading, language arts, mathematics, Bible, science, social studies, technology, music, art, and physical education. Our 4th and 5th-grade students have the opportunity to explore band and theater within our award-winning Fine Arts department. Like the curriculum used in our middle and upper schools, the lower school curriculum is distinct with a Christian worldview.  The principles of God's Word are woven throughout the entire curriculum, with the goal of making the Bible meaningful and relevant in our students' lives. Like our middle and upper school faculty teams, our lower school mentors are all followers of Christ, committed to helping student's see their lives through the lens of God's Word. 
We would love the opportunity to partner with your family during this important season of your student's life. These days are precious and our collective investment in them for God's glory makes an eternal difference.
In His Service, 
Lynn Thurlow
Lower School Principal
LS principal
Lynn Thurlow
Lower School Principal