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Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development Begins Here
At HHCA, reaching only academic excellence would be a failure.  The “C” in HHCA is our defining difference. Our Christian values and mindset set us apart. As articulated in our mission, everything we do is to equip students to impact the world for Christ’s glory. 
We integrate this difference throughout each student’s day in three primary ways:

Christian Worldview    
We believe Christian education is about helping each student see all of life through the lens of scripture. We teach all of our classes, from math to art, on the basis of a Christian worldview. God is the author and creator of all Truth, so it is possible to see His glory in history, science or even paper mache.
Servant Leadership
We intentionally expose students to the truth of the scripture through Bible classes, chapels, and retreats. We also give them numerous opportunities to “walk the walk” through Life on Life mentoring, and both local and international missions opportunities. We want our students to understand firsthand the unexplainable joy of giving back and experience a peace that is not of this world.
Christian Mentoring
Teaching at HHCA requires more than a typical teaching position. Authentically living out the gospel will always be more powerful than just talking about it. We intentionally surround each student with Christian faculty and staff who are equipped to mentor and model Christ’s love. Our staff is challenged to demonstrate their faith in Christ in how they treat our students, how they reach out to hurting students, and how they invest their time into students.
Lower School Bible

Bible education at the lower school level is taught to lay a foundation of faith and age-appropriate knowledge.
More than just teaching Bible stories, our mentors desire to connect the basics of who God is and how we relate to him to life now.
Students learn the foundational stories and moments taught in the Word at an increasing depth as they learn and mature. This is all done with the desire to help them grow in their faith, character and to fall in love with the Word of God.
Lower School Chapel
Students attend Chapel on Thursdays. They have the chance to worship with the HHCA Worship Team, pray and hear a message founded in the Word developed especially for them.  
Even in light of COVID-19 distancing, in the fall of 2020, our Lower School still experienced Chapel in their learning suites.  One of the Lower School Chapel messages is below, along with a Worship Team experience. 
The HHCA Worship Team has continued to make the weekly Chapel/Worship experience impactful: