A Foundation of Health and Wellness, Physical Activity as a Lifestyle
HHCA Lower School students participate in Physical Education (PE) twice every week with our trained athletic staff.
The program introduces students to the importance of health and wellness as a lifestyle and emphasizes character development through age-and developmentally-appropriate instruction and activities.
Students are introduced to basic fitness skills and also work on rhythm and motion throughout the year. Perhaps more important, students learn the value of effort and good sportsmanship no matter the outcome of a particular activity or sport. 
tiny eagles
Lower Schoolers love the opportunity to workout with Middle School and Varsity Cheerleaders leading up to a performance at a football game in the fall. 
Coach Priddy
Lower School P.E. Mentor
Coach Priddy makes physical activity FUN! Lower School students enjoy games like "baby dinosaur" and "submarines".
coach t
Coach Thein
Lower School P.E. Mentor
Coach "T" also works with Lower School students. He can often be found helping them learn fundamental workouts like burpees, laps, push-ups and crunches. 
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