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For Love of The Arts 
As a part of our vision To Know Christ and Make Him Known, we have a phenomenal group of fine arts mentors dedicated to helping students achieve their full artistic potential. HHCA's comprehensive fine arts program for K-12 students offers detailed study in the performing, visual and dramatic arts with the added benefit of low student-to-teacher ratios.
We invite you to experience the incredible things our fine arts students are doing at HHCA!
Throughout the year, we offer several performances - from award-winning theatrical productions to intimate recitals and fine arts showcases featuring our visual, performing and dramatic artists. 
Whether in a simple walk around campus, or attending one of our performances, you can experience all of our students' incredible work.
If you love the fine arts, you will love being a part of the HHCA community. 
James Berry
Director of Fine Arts
fne arts
101 dalmations
Lower School students recently offered a special performance of 101 Dalmatians. 
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Fine Arts Mentors
Mrs. McElory
Theatre Mentor
Mrs. Knight
LS Visual Arts Mentor
Mrs. Krimm
LS Music Mentor