During the middle school years, all students are encouraged to participate in any sport or activity in which they have an interest. There are many opportunities for students to play and participate in HHCA athletics, including middle school teams, junior varsity teams, and even some varsity teams.
Whether a student wants to try a new sport or make new friends by participating on a school team, HHCA Athletics offers students a place to play, compete, and connect. Like our teachers, HHCA coaches are mentors who actively model a love for Christ. When participating in HHCA Athletics, students can expect to develop their God-given skills while also learning the importance of discipline, commitment, perseverance, and sportsmanship. Athletes also learn the HHCA sports motto: We play for an audience of One!
HHCA offers students the opportunity to participate in numerous sports, including basketball, football, baseball, swimming, tennis, golf and volleyball. HHCA also offers unique opportunities like sporting clays, sailing, and cross country.
Our athletics program reinforces our sustainable values: HUMBLE, HUNGRY & HEALTHY.  
You can follow our Middle School sports teams, find schedules, rosters and team news and photos HERE.
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Eagle Athletics
Eagle Athletics