Middle School Guidance

To help middle school students reach their full potential, the guidance team aims to create an individualized academic and social/emotional growth plan for every student. The team meets with students and families over the course of the year to offer support and guidance as students navigate the school year. Through the guidance team, students also have the opportunity to take personality and strength assessments and interest inventories designed to help them discover their strengths.  
Throughout the year, the guidance team also provides opportunities for students to receive small group or one-on-one counseling where they are given support in all aspects of their life, to better equip them to fulfill their God-given potential. All sessions are strictly confidential unless requested by the student or parent. Exceptions to confidentiality are threats to self or others and/or reports of abuse or neglect. In the instance that confidentiality has to be broken, the student is informed and supported appropriately.
sixth grade

Sixth-grade students work closely with Ms. Murphy to explore Naviance and complete the Career Key, a 20-minute assessment that identifies careers and college majors to match their interests, traits, skills, and abilities based upon Holland’s Theory of Career Choice. Students also work with Ms. Murphy and their mentors to explore their learning styles and interests and develop an academic plan that fosters communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Parents and students are encouraged to take these steps towards personal growth and academic development: 

- Establish an academic system that works best for the student

- Check myHHCA weekly to be informed of grades/homework assignments

- Seek extracurricular opportunities on and off-campus

- Find a local/regional organization with which to volunteer (suggested: 3 hours)

- Explore summer enrichment opportunities 


HHCA families have access to Naviance: an online college, career and life readiness platform that helps middle and high school students discover their strengths, explore college and career interests, create actionable goals and find their best-fit path after high school. 

Summer Enrichment Programs:

USC Summer Programs (middle and upper school)

SC Summer Education Programs (middle and upper school)

SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities (middle and upper school)