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A Tradition of Champions

HHCA Athletic Hall of Fame
Created in 2015 to honor athletes, coaches, administrators and other supporters who have been instrumental in our school’s athletic success. Fourteen members were inducted into the inaugural class. Classes will continue to be inducted every two years. Nominations can be submitted at any time for future consideration, however, candidates must have attended Hilton Head Christian Academy for two years and be a graduate of Hilton Head Christian Academy. Nominees also must be at least five years removed from graduation of Hilton Head Christian Academy. Members of the Hall of Fame represent over twenty years of athletic success and are honored on the Hall of Fame display in the foyer outside the I-Lab.


Nicholas Bybel

Tennis, Class of 2012

Jimmy Fanning

Basketball, Class of 2003

Lauren Cranston (Kelly)

Swimming, Class of 2005

Kelly Fillnow

Tennis, Class of 2001

Zachary Lenns

Baseball, Class of 2010

Meghan Fillnow

Tennis, Class of 2001

Danielle Rector (Kinder)

Volleyball/Basketball, Class of 2003

Gabe Gilmour

Football, Class of 2007

Luke Sirgo

Football, Class of 2011

Danny Morgan

Baseball and Basketball, Class of 2002

Trevor Smith

Tennis, Class of 1999

Rebecca O'Grady

Volleyball/Basketball, Class of 1998

Nathan Swearer

Baseball, Class of 2004

Nancy Radloff

Swimming, Class of 2007

Kyle Weaver

Football, Class of 2012

Ryan Radloff

Football, Class of 2005

Chip Wedgeworth

Golf, Class of 2004

Morgan Reichel

Soccer, Class of 2004

Kate Boardman

Soccer, Class of 2005

David Turner

Basketball, Class of 1998

Nick Boulay

Football, Class of 2007

Jordan Ussery

Basketball, Class of 2000

Russ Clemmer

Basketball, Class of 2001