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Upper School at HHCA

It is our belief that God calls His followers to excellence as a matter of principle and as an act of worship. Accordingly, the pursuit of excellence permeates everything we do at HHCA. We are committed to helping students maximize the gifts they have been given so that those gifts can be used to bring glory to God. It is our goal to produce young Christian men and women who embody excellence in their chosen profession, and who are thereby prepared to impact their culture.
Emphasizing 21st-century skills, HHCA is committed to equipping every student for success in college and the modern job market. 
HHCA offers a liberal arts program that concentrates on depth of learning, the development of higher-order thinking, and the honing of 21st-century skills. In their courses, students wrestle with the ideas, events, and discoveries that have shaped their world, and they are encouraged to carry the torch forward by living a life of impact.
Students can choose from college preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement courses to create an appropriate and challenging course of study. Online and dual enrollment options are also available. Graduates will have mastered the core subjects upon commencement and will have identified and developed areas of talent and passion through a wide offering of electives.
During the junior and senior years, students have the opportunity to partner with a faculty mentor and delve deeply into an area of study of their own choosing through our Diploma with Distinction Program. The rigor of the curriculum is matched by the school's commitment to small classes and a guidance team that fosters the development of personal relationships between advisor and student beginning in the 8th grade.
My goal is that each student is able to grow in body, mind, and spirit in a safe environment, which encourages personal development. I expect the upper school students of HHCA to add value to a culture of respect where each student is treated in a way that allows him or her to feel supported, encouraged and known.
HHCA is a great community with a tradition of excellence. I am proud to serve as the upper school principal and feel blessed to be a member of such an outstanding team of educators.
Mr. Shannon Smith
Upper School Principal