At the heart of our athletic program is a desire among mentors and coaches to help students reach their full potential--not only in competition, but also in life. Through all the sports programs offered at HHCA--more than 35 teams and 11 junior varsity and varsity sports--students have the opportunity to develop Christ-like character. And while perseverance, integrity, grit, determination, teamwork, and humility will certainly help our athletes win the competition, ultimately, we want our athletes to compete for a greater reward. Our athletic department motto, "We play for an audience of One", reminds us daily that we don't play for accolades the world gives; rather, we play to honor God and bring Him glory.  
Athletics on Campus
Athletics is a vital part of campus life at HHCA and we believe it contributes to a positive school experience for our students. We also believe it contributes to the student's physical, social, and emotional growth. Mentors and coaches regularly encourage students to participate on one of our many teams, all of which give students a chance to connect with others and often, a chance to try something new. Over 80% of students at HHCA participate on an athletic team and over 65% are multi-sport players. 
Winning Seasons
While our chief aim isn't to amass wins in the record book, HHCA has had many regional and state championship seasons. Sixteen varsity sports have earned 55 State Championships and in the past 10 years, HHCA has earned 13 State Championship titles--girls basketball (3), girls soccer (1), boys golf (3), boys soccer (2), football (3), and baseball (1). 
HHCA Athletics Quick Facts:

  • 80% of our Upper and Middle School students participate in HHCA athletics
  • 65% of our Upper and Middle School students participate in two sports seasons
  • 30% of our Upper and Middle School students are tri-season athletes
  • 16 varsity sports have earned 55 State Championships
  • In the past 10 years HHCA student athletes have earned 13 State Championships: three girl's basketball, three boy's golf, two boy's soccer, three football, one girl's soccer and one baseball
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