Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

Every parent with a student enrolled at HHCA is automatically a member of the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF).  Governed by a group of parent volunteers, the PTF serves the school by coordinating various events throughout the school year, including receptions for concerts, plays and special events.

The PTF invites you to get involved and to shop with our partners in education: Lands End, Publix and Amazon Smile. Our school also collects Box Tops for Education. These programs generate significant revenue for PTF and our collective participation makes a big difference!


ptf mission

The mission of PTF is to support our children's educational success and spiritual growth by promoting school events, encouraging faculty and staff, and creating opportunities for parent and community fellowship.

2019-2020 PTF Officers

President: Heidi Beck

Vice President: 

Secretary: Dana Green

Treasurer: Amy Healy

Grade Representative Coordinator: Stephanie Santos-Songer
Support HHCA by using the following community partner programs:
PTF Grade Representatives are dedicated to helping all HHCA families feel informed and engaged.  These volunteers are an essential part of "HHCA Life" and we are so grateful for their dedication and love of the school. Parents are encouraged to reach out to their assigned grade reps with any questions,
or just to connect with another HHCA parent. 

PTF Staff Liaison:


Dorothy Guscio 

Director of Advancement
Clemson University - B.A.