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Health and Wellness Team


At HHCA, the overall health of our students, faculty and staff is important to us. Our Health & Wellness Director, Wendy Cummings, is a full-time registered nurse with a background in Emergency/Trauma Nursing. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Radford University, as well as a fellowship in Emergency Nursing. Mrs. Cummings joined the HHCA family in 2007.

As the Health & Wellness Director, Mrs. Cummings oversees the lunch program and works alongside Chef Brooks to ensure our students have healthy lunch options. Mrs. Cummings’ and Chef Brooks’ passion for health and nutrition led to the birth of the HHCA Garden Project – Dig it.
In addition to serving HHCA students as the campus nurse, Mrs. Cummings also oversees HHCA’s Crisis Management Preparedness plan. She maintains and implements emergency procedures and policies, collaborates with community officials, and directs monthly drills within the school.


Students who may need to take medications at school will need to do so through the nurse's office. Parents should send in medications along with a completed Medication Administration form. Students are not allowed to carry any type of medication, even over-the-counter medications with them during the school day. Parents can also give permission for the nurse to administer over-the-counter meds as needed. For a complete list of these, click here. Please make sure the nurse is aware of any medications your child may be taking at home; as this may impact the evaluation and treatment that is needed at school.


Please notify our nurse when your child is not feeling well, especially if they are absent from school. You may contact the nurse by email, or by calling 843-681-2878 ext. 251.


The health of all our students, faculty and staff is important at HHCA. In order to minimize the spread of viral and bacterial illnesses, HHCA has a 24 Hour Free Policy. Students should be fever, vomiting and diarrhea free for a minimum of 24 hours without medicationprior to returning to school. Please help us keep everyone healthy by keeping your child at home when they are ill.


HHCA has a No Nit Policy. Students must be completely lice and nit free in order to attend school. Students who are found to have lice or nits, will be sent home for treatment and removal. Students must be checked by the nurse prior to returning to classes.


All rising 6th-12th grade students are required to obtain a physical and complete a Physical Packet as part of enrollment and prior to the first day of school, regardless of whether they plan to participate in a sport. Physicals must be performed by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. HHCA will keep a copy of the physical on file for the duration of the school year.


Wendy Cummings, RN, BSN 

Director of Health and Wellness / School RN
(843) 681-2878

" My favorite part of my job is taking care of the children!"


The Health & Wellness Office/Nurses’ Office is located in the competitive gym.
Any student who is not feeling well should come to see the nurse. We ask that students see the nurse before calling parents to pick them up. Our nurse will contact the parents should the student need to go home. Students may see the nurse for any health related issue.