Lower, Middle & Upper School Bible Classes

At the core of Christian education is the Bible - a book that has shaped culture, thought and education throughout the world for generations. At HHCA, the Bible is at the center of everything we do.
With this in mind, HHCA’s Bible curriculum is designed to do three things: show students the gospel through thorough teaching of the entire Bible, equip students to answer the difficult life questions that flow out of the Word of God, and help students apply these ancient teachings to their everyday lives.

Lower School Bible
The goal of Bible education at the lower school level is to lay a foundation of faith through age-appropriate knowledge. More than just teaching Bible stories, our mentors desire to connect the basic truths of who God is to a student's daily life in a meaningful and relevant way. Students will learn the foundational stories and truths taught in the Bible at an increasing depth as they mature. This is all done with the desire to help students grow in their faith and character while deepening their love of the Word of God.
Middle School Bible
Middle School Bible classes teach the entirety of the scripture over a student's three-year journey from 6th to 8th grade. As a student's ability to think abstractly grows, our curriculum expands to begin to answer the deepest questions of life.
We begin middle school with a survey of the entire Bible to help students see the big picture of God’s story. In 7th grade, students focus on the life of Christ and begin to understand why this great man from history - Jesus - was called the Son of God by so many. In 8th grade, students are challenged to answer the essential questions of life. It is the goal of 8th-grade Bible to challenge students to consider what they believe and why they believe it.
Upper School Bible
In the freshman and sophomore Bible classes, students begin to explore the Old and New Testament books in-depth, developing an understanding of the author’s message and purpose. In junior Bible class, students take on some of life's deepest questions (How do I know God exists? Why do bad things happen to good people?) Students also explore the practical application of Biblical principles to daily life in the area of relationships, finances and more. Senior Bible is a capstone year, where students are challenged and prepared to leave HHCA’s campus to pursue their faith in college and throughout the rest of life.