2d grade
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Retreats are an essential part of helping students to become reflective, thoughtful believers. Taking time from the routine of the day and from the busyness of life helps students to gain perspective and to evaluate priorities.
We start each school year with a Middle School and Upper School Retreat. HHCA’s US Retreat is a three-day getaway to White Oak Conference Center in Winnsboro, SC. The MS Retreat is a two-day trip to New Ebenezer Retreat Center in Rincon, Georgia. Each retreat focuses on teaching the Word of God, worship time, small groups, class games, and other intergrade activities. Beyond building relationships, the purpose of both retreats is to get all of our students and teachers away for a few days as we start the year to focus on Jesus Christ and set the tone for the year.

Leading up to the Middle School and Upper School Retreats we have one-night retreats for eighth grade and senior students respectively. The purpose of these one-night trips is to focus on each class leading their respective school (MS and US).
Each January all of the senior students at HHCA are given the opportunity to attend the Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Passion is a three-day intensive conference focused on challenging 18-22 year olds to stand up for Christ on their given campuses.

Each summer Passion also holds a conference for Middle School age students. Passion Camp is designed to accomplish the same purpose as the Passion Conference. Each student is encouraged and challenged to stand up for Christ where God has placed them.



Every January HHCA begins the second semester with our Spiritual Emphasis Week. Each year Spiritual Emphasis Week takes on a different tone. Some years we bring in speakers to share the truth of God with our students. Other years we focus on going off campus to serve in the local community. The overall goal is to open up a week for authentic relationships to be lived out and to put our faith into practice.



Teachers are a vital part of the overall spiritual life of HHCA. Each year time is set aside to intentionally invest in and train our teachers. Teachers in turn are encouraged to focus on intentionally investing in students each year.

They are equipped and trained to meet with students individually and in small groups for study, counseling, and overall encouragement. All of these activities are facilitated by the campus pastor.