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HHCA Endowment


Endowments for any organization provide a permanent means of generating income by safely housing all donated funds and using only the interest generated by them for spending.


These funds operate just like a savings plan for families. Money is placed into a savings account; only the interest generated is used to help operate the household.




HHCA's Endowment Fund:


- Provides effective management of funds contributed to the school for long-term revenue generated to support the school.

- Encourages donors to contribute funds through estate and financial planning thus offering donors a means of “perpetual giving” to HHCA.

- Supports the school’s long-term goals in providing a stable, recurring source of funding for operational purposes.






Giving at HHCA: FAQs
A reality not just at HHCA but at all independent schools is that tuition alone does not fund the entire cost of a private education.
Tuition actually only covers a percentage of the school's operating costs.
Therefore, HHCA is dependent upon unrestricted Annual Fund contributions to help close the gap between tuition and the true cost of an HHCA education each year.
Your voluntary, tax-deductible support helps HHCA address it's highest priorities and immediate needs within the current school year's operating budget.
High participation rates among members of the HHCA community are a vote of confidence - a sign that our parents and others invest in our students' future and support the school's mission.
This percentage has a direct impact on gifts from outside sources such as grant-making foundations and capital donors. High rates of participation are required by foundations before they will consider our grant requests.