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HHCA has a dedicated Health and Safety Team that monitors medical updates and guides policies, protocols, and planning.
HHCA Health and Safety Team:
Doug Langhals Jen Bowen Steve Bryant
Head of School School Nurse Director of Security
Rachel Bagenstose Parker Collins Tabatha DeWitt
Chief Financial Officer Academic Dean Director of Technology



Jen Bowen, HHCA's school nurse, is an integral member of HHCA's Health & Safety Team.  Jen is a Registered Nurse with 13 years of nursing experience in numerous settings, including public schools, hospitals (Labor and Delivery), and public health. She holds a degree from Emory University's Woodruff School of Nursing.  Jen is on-campus every day, providing care and meeting the health needs of HHCA students, faculty, and staff.


Below you will find important health and wellness information and policies for the 2021-2022 school year:



HHCA continues to move forward thoughtfully and prayerfully as our Health and Safety Team closely monitors the COVID-19 virus.


The HHCA COVID-19 policy and related information can be found HERE. The policy will be adapted as necessary by our Health and Safety Team to ultimately accomplish our mission.


As with all that we do, Hilton Head Christian Academy will continue to rely on God’s guidance in all areas.



All families must provide current and up-to-date immunization records for my child as a condition of enrollment.
If your child has an out-of-state immunization record and has received all the immunizations required for school attendance, the school nurse will enter your child’s immunization information into SIMON to generate and print an SC Certificate of Immunization for your child. This will help you avoid a visit to your health care provider or the health department to get a copy of your child's SC Certificate of Immunization.
Please note that SC Religious Exemption Forms can only be obtained from the Health Department.
Immunization records should be uploaded to your child's Magnus account before August 1, 2021.
HHCA uses Magnus Health, an online portal, to manage student health information, including immunization records, sports physicals, emergency and allergy action plans, consent-to-treat forms, and permission slips. Parents and caregivers gain access to their student's Magnus account through MyHHCA once the enrollment process is complete. 
For the 2021-2022 school year, parents are strongly encouraged to download the Magus Mobile/PHR app. Click here for download instructions and important information.  
After downloading the app, be sure to click on the "Student Health Tracker" icon to begin updating student records. 
After completing the Vital Health Record update, be sure to click on the menu button located at the top right and choose "submit for approval."
All 5th-12th grade students who are planning to participate in HHCA athletics (some 5th graders are permitted to play on Middle School athletic teams with the permission of the Athletic Department) are required to obtain a sports physical and complete required SCISA athletic waivers prior to the start of school and/or summer practices.
Physicals are only valid for the current school year.
Every student athlete’s physical must be completed after May 1, 2021 and before the first day of school, for the 2021-2022 school year.


If a child is required to take medication during the school day and the parent cannot be at school to administer the medication, only the school nurse (RN), or the RN's trained designee (Unlicensed Assistive Personnel) will administer the medication.
Any prescription medication required to be administered during the school day or on an off-campus field trip will require an HHCA Prescription Medication Authorization Form signed by a physician and parent or guardian.


The following statement was taken from the HHCA school admissions contract and reiterated for informational purposes here.


I understand that in the course of the school day and at after-school activities, my child may become ill or injured. As the parent or legal guardian of the named student, I grant permission for treatment deemed necessary for a condition arising while on the HHCA school campus, at an athletic or school-sponsored event, retreat or field trip by a licensed medical/health professional. This includes the school nurse, athletic trainer, physicians or those under their direction.  

If necessary, I approve school authorities to take the following steps:

  • Contact a parent or legal guardian of the student and follow his or her instructions.
  • Contact the child’s physician and follow his or her instructions in the event a parent or legal guardian cannot be reached.
  • Use his/her own discretion in contacting a properly licensed physician in the event the child’s physician and a parent or legal guardian cannot be reached.

If, in the opinion of a properly licensed and practicing medical/healthcare professional, my child needs medical or surgical services which require my consent before being supplied, I hereby authorize, appoint, and empower the Head of School or his designee, to furnish on my behalf such written or oral authorization as may be so required.


Furthermore, I release the Head of School, his designee, the board of directors, and HHCA any liability that may arise from giving such authorization, it being my desire that my child be furnished with medical or surgical services as soon as reasonably possible after the need arises.


Please notify Mrs. Higgs at our front desk when your child is not feeling well and will be absent from school.  If you have specific questions about your child's return to school after being ill, please refer to the return to school illness policy below.  Nurse Bowen is happy to answer any questions as well. You can email her or call the school at 843-681-2878.

The following statement was taken from the HHCA school admissions contract and reiterated here for informational purposes.
I acknowledge that it is my responsibility as a member of the HHCA community to monitor the health of my child, and to keep him/her home from school when ill (as defined herein) to reduce spread of contagious illnesses in the interest of the health of other students and staff at HHCA.  I understand that HHCA will adhere to DHEC’s school exclusion policies as it relates to all contagious illnesses and communicable diseases.  DHEC’s school exclusion list is published annually and can be found on DHEC’s website.  I further understand that students must remain home from school until they have been without vomiting, diarrhea, and fever for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.  We ask that you notify the front office or school nurse if your child is absent from school due to illness.


The following statement was taken from the HHCA school admissions contract and reiterated here for informational purposes.


Hilton Head Christian Academy believes that off-campus educational trips enhance the learning experience and bring classroom lessons to life.


I understand that field trips are a part of the curriculum for students kindergarten through 12th grade and I hereby permit my child to attend all authorized and supervised field trips.

In the event of an injury requiring medical attention, I hereby grant permission to the supervising teacher(s) or staff (including volunteers) to attend to my son/daughter. If the injury warrants further medical attention, I expect every effort will be made to contact me to receive my specific authorization before action is taken. If efforts to contact me are unsuccessful, I grant permission for necessary medical treatment to be given. In addition, I hereby give my permission to the supervising teacher(s) or staff (including volunteers) to take my child to the physician, dentist or to the hospital if an accident or serious illness occurs on the trip and I cannot be located. 

I recognize that unanticipated situations and problems can arise on any school-sponsored trip, which situations or problems are not reasonably within the control of the supervising teacher(s) or staff (including volunteers). I agree to release and hold harmless Hilton Head Christian Academy and its employees and volunteers, from any and all liability, claims, suits, demands, judgments, costs, interest and expense, arising from such activities, including any accident or injury to the student and the costs of medical services, or any cause beyond the control of HHCA including, but not limited to, natural disasters, civil disturbances, or acts of terrorism.

Students must be lice and nit-free in order to attend school.
Students who are found to have lice or nits will be sent home for treatment and lice/nit removal. After treatment, upon returning to school, a parent or guardian must accompany their child to the nurse's office for a lice check prior to the student returning to classes.
In lieu of coming to the health office for a lice check, families also have the option to present documentation of professional lice treatment.

jen bowenJen Bowen, RN 

School Nurse
(843) 681-2878