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Welcome to the Visual Arts at HHCA

Believing that everyone is created to be creative, Art teachers Mrs. Barrett and Mrs. Knight present challenges and opportunities for students to appreciate, study, explore and create. Through study and practice, students improve and realize their own individual abilities. A variety of mediums and processes are introduced and developed as creative problem solving is encouraged. Students have the opportunity to get involved in the ever-evolving creative arts community of Hilton Head Island as we visit galleries, exhibits and installations in the area. Guest artists visit our classrooms to share their skills and experiences to further inspire and motivate our emerging artists.

Our Lower School Art teacher, Kelly Knight, has a Bachelor of Science degree. LouAnne Barrett teaches middle and upper school art and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Arts Integration.  Ms. Barrett has taught Art and Design for over 30 years.


The lower school art program provides a variety of opportunities to explore and manipulate artistic mediums to enrich each student's life while allowing for discovery and creative problem solving. The students will be introduced to the principles and elements of design through a variety of projects while being encouraged as well as challenged to perform to the best of their God-given ability. The students will develop a broader understanding of their environment and a greater understanding of historical and cultural influences upon creativity. Lower school art students will learn to convey ideas, feelings and emotions through their own artistic creations while learning to appreciate the ideas and abilities of others.
The middle school art program builds upon the intentional, organized application of the elements of design to show understanding of the principles of design through the exploration of various art materials. The art program will introduce middle school students to various artists and their works, to explore the historical development of various artistic styles, and to integrate the cultural influences of society upon artistic developments. Through a quality art experience, the students will sharpen their ability to analyze, critique, and make informed judgements about art created by themselves and others. This course is designed to help the students appreciate and develop their various god-given talents and gifts.
The Upper School Visual Arts program provides various opportunities for students to explore, experiment, theorize and apply the Principles and Elements of Art and Design while developing an appreciation for all the visual arts. The students are challenged to develop their creative problem solving skills through projects requiring them to reach their owns solutions through sequential processing. Art 1 builds upon skills learned in Middle School art as it presents a variety of artistic mediums and ideas all directed toward improving each student’s skills. Art appreciation, history and cultural influences are explored. Time management and perseverance are developed through ownership of one’s work. The Art 2 & 3 courses will continue the sequential learning and practice as projects become more self-directed and individual choices are encouraged. AP Art is offered at the Junior or Senior level whenever the student exhibits a desire to pursue a possible creative career and meets the portfolio review requirements.



LouAnne Barrett 

Visual Arts Mentor
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Kelly Knight 

Visual Arts Mentor
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