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HHCA Dress Code & Uniform Information

Dress Code and Uniform Requirements
The students of HHCA are representatives of the school and reflect the values of the school by their attire. Therefore, students are to dress in accordance with the dress code and maintain a uniform, neat, and modest appearance at all times while on campus or while attending off-campus school events. The policies below give specific direction in how students are to dress.
Uniforms are required every day unless they are specifically exempted by the school administration.
Uniform Retailers
New items may be purchased from Lands End (online), Tommy Hilfiger (online), or Uniform Work and Sport (online or in-store on HHI). An alternative online option for purchasing HHCA t-shirts is available at certain designated times throughout the year.
Gently used HHCA uniform items may be purchased in our online resale shop through our closed Facebook group. This shop will only sell Lands End and Tommy Hilfiger (all items) and Uniform Work and Sport (logo shirts only).
General Uniform/Dress Code Requirements for all K-12 Students
  • All logo shirts, skirts, dresses and jumpers must be purchased from Lands End, Tommy Hilfiger, or Uniform Work and Sport.
  • Pants and regular length shorts for boys and girls may be any brand of the family’s choice as long as they meet the color and fit requirements stated in the dress code.
  • Colors for bottoms: navy, khaki or gray and in traditional khaki material--no denim material. Skirts in white plaid for Lands End and Tommy Hilfiger are also approved for girls.
  • Tights may be worn, as may leggings, under a skirt. They should be solid in color, either navy, white, gray, or black.
  • Colors for logo uniform tops: white, navy, gray, light blue, maize (yellow) and ice pink (light pink).
  • Dresses and jumpers do not need logos, with the exception of the collared polo-style dress.
  • HHCA hooded sweatshirts: HHCA hoodies may be worn to school each day and must be navy, gray, or white. Students do not have to wear an HHCA T-shirt or collared shirt under an HHCA hoodie, but if the hoodie is removed, students must be in uniform.
  • Boys’ uniform shirts must be tucked in and a belt must be worn.
  • Undershirts: It is acceptable for a t-shirt to be worn under a uniform shirt, but it must be tucked in during the day and not hanging below or visible through the uniform shirt.
Friday Dress
Every Friday, students have the option to wear jeans (no holes or tears) and the Spirit t-shirt for the year or any white, navy, or gray HHCA t-shirt. (Every student will receive a Spirit t-shirt at the beginning of the school year.)
Upper School Students (9-12th grade)  | HHCA T-Shirt Option
Upper school students ONLY have the option to wear an HHCA t-shirt in navy, gray, or white or the appropriate HHCA collared shirt. No other t-shirts may be worn as the main shirt during the regular school day.
Outer Garments
  • Outer garments, such as jackets and sweaters, must be solid in color in black, navy blue, gray, or white.
  • Outer garments and sweaters do not have to have an HHCA logo. No other large graphics, insignias, brand logos, or slogans are to be worn. If the outer garment is removed, students must still have on an appropriate HHCA uniform shirt.
  • Any jacket may be worn to school, but it may not be worn during the school day if it does not meet the stated requirements.
  • Athletic team dress: athletic team shirts for the current year ONLY may be worn on the day of the game or match, as directed by the Athletic Director. Team uniforms or approved team T-shirts from previous years are not to be worn to school.
Fit Requirements
  • All clothing must be modest and sized appropriately.
  • Skirts and/or shorts are to be at least fingertip length when arms are down by the side.
  • Pants and shorts must have a tailored fit (no sagging, tight, or low riding pants).
  • Pants are to hit the top of the shoe and not be worn too short or too long.
  • Footwear should be safe and neat.
  • All footwear is to be closed-toe and closed heel.
  • Slippers, even if closed toe and closed heel, are not to be worn.
  • Middle and upper school students are not to wear sandals or flip flops on any day of the week.
  • If it is raining, middle and upper school students ONLY may wear rain boots.
  • Lower school students may not wear boots, flip flops, or light up shoes.
Grooming and Haircuts
  • Haircuts for boys are to be neatly groomed, above the collar, not below the bottom of the ear, and above the eyebrows, with no extreme hair colors or extreme style of haircut.
  • All girls are not to dye their hair with extreme hair colors or wear extreme cut styles.
  • Boys are to be clean-shaven at all times.
  • Boys are not to wear earrings to school. Jewelry that is considered excessive or distracts from the desired appearance of the dress code should not be worn.
P.E. and Strength/Fitness Class
Uniform Requirements for Middle and Upper School Students
Middle and upper school students taking P.E. or Strength and Fitness must wear the school P.E. uniform and appropriate footwear/sneakers.
  • Navy shorts and gray t-shirt (with mandatory logo - HHCA & Eagle head) should be purchased through Tommy Hilfiger or Lands' End School Uniforms.
  • PE shorts must be modest in length and not lower than the knee.
  • All clothing must be modest and sized appropriately.
Dress Code for Extracurricular Activities
Students attending or visiting the campus after school dismissal and on weekends will be required to dress according to the following expectations:
• All students are encouraged to dress modestly and appropriately for the activity they are attending.
• Do not wear shirts with offensive words or graphics or advertisements that are in conflict with the values of HHCA.
• Boys are never to be shirtless.
• Coaches will explain guidelines for athletic wear for sports.
• Students attending an awards ceremony, a public meeting or special event should dress as follows: boys should wear dress pants, collared shirts, and shoes; girls should wear dress pants or modest length skirt. No short or tight-fitting skirts or tops are to be worn.
Appropriate dress shoes should be worn.
Performance Attire
Students who participate in formal music performances must have appropriate performance attire which will be stipulated by the fine arts faculty.

Dress for Formal Events
Dresses for girls for Homecoming, Senior Recognition, and Prom should be modest. Dress for boys is a suit, tie and dress shoes for Senior Recognition and a suit or tuxedo for Prom.
Dress Code Compliance
During E-10 time teachers will do a daily dress code check of students in that classroom. Infractions will be recorded when students are out of dress code. Parents may be asked to bring compliant items, when students are not dressed properly.
The administration reserves the right to amend the dress code or prohibit any clothing that does not conform to the general intent of providing a uniform and modest appearance, consistent with daily school activities.