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God calls us all to dream BIG.

He places ideas in our hearts and is honored when we step out in faith to take steps toward them.

We stand on the shoulders of visionaries in 1979 who dreamt of making Christian education available for families in the Lowcountry. Founding a brand new school was not without challenge, yet they stepped out in faith anyway, with BIG dreams, and watched God's faithfulness unfold.

Woven throughout our school's story time and again, He has truly made a way where there seemed to be none.

Like the faithful group who founded Hilton Head Christian Academy back in 1979, HHCA continues to step toward the BIG dreams He has placed in our hearts for His school.


In a year when plans and projects have been canceled and postponed, HHCA continues to prayerfully adapt and walk in faith toward the BIG dreams He has placed within our hearts.


We're ending 2020 full of hope, gratitude and BIG dreams by introducing the Dream BIG initiative to support The HHCA Fund


Dream BIG aims to engage and educate our families about Christian giving at HHCA while setting the stage for 100% participation.





We are asking the entire HHCA community to participate by the end of 2020 (December 31st) by making a one-time gift of $79 (or more if you feel led) in honor of the visionaries who founded our school in 1979 when they stepped out in faith toward the BIG dreams God placed in their hearts.


Make an online donation HERE or return the downloadable note on the right to give via cash or check.




Inaugural Dream BIG Projects


For the first Dream BIG initiative, HHCA has identified three projects that could further enhance the HHCA experience and raise the bar even higher for our future. These can be made possible and/or enhanced with support for The HHCA Fund through #dreambighhca.




For the 2020-2021 school year, HHCA made a significant investment in technology, officially becoming a one-to-one school for 7th-12th grade students. Every student received a fully-equipped Dell Latitude 2-in-1 laptop. The devices complement our transformative experiential learning model and allow students to take additional ownership of their education.


Our goal is to expand the one-to-one tech initiative and offer devices to all 3rd-6th grade students for the 2021-2022 school year.




HHCA will soon join the transformative New Tech Network (NTN), a leading design partner for school change. Services include extensive planning, design, and implementation support that guides schools toward lasting change and ongoing improvement. NTN works with schools around the country to transform education so students are better prepared for tomorrow. This means our faculty and leaders will have access to a wealth of proven resources and connect with peers from over 200 schools and school districts.


"For nearly twenty years New Tech Network leaders have forged powerful partnerships with school districts of every size and locale to redesign how schools work so that more students experience school as empowering."   - Lydia Dobyns, CEO New Tech Network




HHCA's brand new campus in Bluffton was designed from the ground up around the experiential learning model that our mentors continue to implement. It's been proven that more science-based learning opportunities occur within a project-based authentic learning model. In fact, students are more engaged in the scientific process than ever.


Our new state-of-the-art science lab is an incredible space where students and mentors will discover, experiment and grow. Located off of an expansive open learning commons, the stage is set for collaboration, critical thinking, research and more.


We wish to ensure HHCA's brand new science lab is unlike any other in the region, equipped with the cutting-edge equipment and tools needed to truly raise the bar for scientific learning.


Hilton Head Christian Academy is ending 2020 full of hope, gratitude and BIG dreams!  

We pray that you will support The HHCA Fund and join the Dream BIG initiative! 



Learn more about HHCA's philosophy about Christian giving and our 5 paths to giving HERE.
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Dream BIG with HHCA & participate HERE or download the note below to donate via cash or check. (instructions included)!
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