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HHCA / NTN: Partnership


Introducing a partnership that will further prepare our students
for the future and propel our vision To Know Christ and Make Him Known. 





In 2019, HHCA broke ground on a new campus that would change the face of education in the SC Lowcountry, and beyond. Our new campus in Bluffton was built for education that

inspires and engages. It was designed from the ground up to offer relevant learning

experiences and provide students with the opportunity to develop the skills most valued by

today’s employers while preparing them for the future. 




We believe in empowering students to become problem solvers and creators,

experienced in collaboration and communication. And our partnership with

New Tech Network (NTN) will further enhance our ability to develop future-ready students

while providing exceptional support for our mentors, leaders and staff, and our families.  


With an emphasis on building agency and collaboration, HHCA faculty will use NTN's

proven tools and resources to equip students with the academic and interpersonal skills

necessary for success in college, career, and life. 


This forward-thinking educational model, delivered from a Christian worldview, will empower

students to fully discover their God-given potential. It means that we can send students into

the world truly equipped to make an impact for Christ and prepared for the life God has

planned for them. 




The HHCA/New Tech Network Partnership Implementation Timeline
- Fall 2020 -
HHCA mentors and school administrators completed a series of discussions and trainings related to NTN model implementation
- January 2021 -
Dr. Melissa Crosby joined the HHCA team as Director of Teaching and Learning with extensive NTN and project-based learning experience and HHCA formally entered into partnership with NTN
- March 2021 -
HHCA Mentors completed the first of two NTN residency trainings
ntn zoom
- April 2021 -
- June 2021 -
Second NTN residency training for HHCA mentors and administrators
- August 2021 -
HHCA families invited to attend in-person trainings and Q&A sessions about NTN's learning platform: ECHO 
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Joining the HHCA team with extensive NTN experience to support both our faculty and families is Dr. Melissa Crosby.
Melissa Crosby, Ed.D
843-681-2878 ext.
New Tech Network’s decades of experience guiding schools through comprehensive transformation led to the Four Design Pillars.
Student outcomes that prepare all students for postsecondary success. Every NTN partner school utilizes the five New Tech Network Learning Outcomes. The outcomes are: Collaboration, Knowledge and Thinking, Written Communication, and Oral Communication, and the development of student responsibility for their own learning, or Agency.
School-wide culture of inclusion and belonging for adults and students. Each NTN partner school promotes a culture of trust, respect, and responsibility, encompassing student and professional culture. Students and teachers alike have ownership over the learning experience and their school environment.
A focus on authentic complex thinking and problem-solving. Project-based learning (PBL) is the primary pedagogical method that all NTN teachers use in their schools. It is the best way for students to demonstrate proficiency on school-wide learning outcomes. PBL requires contextual, creative, and shared learning. Students collaborate on meaningful projects that require critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration in order to answer challenging questions. By making learning relevant, students see a purpose for mastering state-required skills and concepts.
Use of technology platforms to support collaboration and student-centered learning. Echo supports project-based learning and features an innovative gradebook that aligns to the deeper learning skills students will need in college and career. Digital tools, cultivated and aligned content, and a community of shared learning are integrated to create a powerful platform to support student and adult learning.
The NTN Learning Outcomes (NTLO) are a set of research-based outcomes aimed at preparing students for postsecondary college and career success:
NTN’s roots lay in business and community concerns that high school graduates were inadequately prepared to be the self-directed problem-solvers and collaborators that the contemporary workplace demands.