Doug Langhals (Head of School)

We have continued to develop our cultural philosophy to help ensure that HHCA is a school where students feel loved and safe.


HHCA Cultural Philosophy

Hilton Head Christian Academy is committed to creating an authentic learning environment in which all students are able to be themselves and use their gifts to serve the Lord. As part of that goal we have identified three guiding principles as we seek to embrace an environment of honest and respectful interactions.

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  • Positivity

    Although there is no such thing as a perfect environment, our goal is to create a culture that is focused on positivity. We are committed to demanding honest and respectful interactions from all of our students. Positivity breeds positivity. We seek to encourage and create opportunities for students to enjoy time with each other in a way that honors God.

    Not only do we seek for positivity in relationships, we want our students to continue to grow in their appreciation for HHCA. We are pursuing a culture in which students take pride in their school and want to be a part of all that is happening at HHCA.
  • Identity

    We believe that each student is uniquely created in the image of God.  As such we seek to help each student understand what it means to be created in the image of God.  We desire to challenge all students to have a living and active relationship with Jesus Christ.  The more students can understand how God has created them, the more they will be able to interact with each other in healthy relationships.

    However, we also realize humans are sinful and there will always be relational conflicts.  The reality is that a lack of understanding of identity leads to insecurity, lack of self-confidence, and many relational issues.  Instead of simply attempting to treat the symptoms of relational issues that appear in the form of bullying or cyber-bullying, HHCA is committed to addressing the heart issue that lies beneath the surface.
  • Continuity

    Creating and growing a culture that is grounded in identity and surrounded by positivity is an ongoing process. It is not something that can be done in one chapel, one semester, or even one year. It is an ongoing process that requires continual commitment to excellence. For this reason, continuity is a critical part of our overall cultural philosophy at HHCA. We desire for all that we do year in and year out to be a part of the bigger picture of culture. We are committed to a multiyear development of such a culture.

Health, Safety and Security

The safety and security of our HHCA students is our top priority. It's why we've chosen to partner with The Draco Group. This internationally-recognized security firm is adept at school and high-level government security. The entire HHCA staff undergoes extensive security training each year led by former members of the Israeli Army special forces and the U.S. Navy SEALS. In addition to Draco training, each member of our faculty and staff is CPR certified and we have an RN/BSN experienced in emergency and trauma nursing on our full-time staff caring for our students.  We also have a former police officer leading our security efforts on campus each day.

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  • The Draco Group

    The Draco Group was founded in 2005 and has since been dedicated to providing the highest level of security training in the world. Draco only employs seasoned veterans with actual anti-terrorist experience for all their training and field operations. The Draco Group portfolio includes involvement in the training of security forces for the President’s office and the Prime Minister’s office in Israel.
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HHCA Family Partnership

Family partnership is at the heart of the mission and vision of HHCA. As such, we are seeking to extend that partnership into several areas. First, we will be offering parent seminars that will deal with issues that are directly impacting students today. We will also be sending out information on resources that will assist and equip parents to help their students stand up for Christ in the midst of a culture that is rapidly going the other direction.

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HHCA Spiritual Life

Faculty, Staff, and Student Training

Beyond offering seminars and resources for HHCA families, we also desire to prepare our faculty, staff, and students. We have intentionally outlined schedules for professional development and chapels for this year that will continue to grow and develop this type of culture. If you have any questions about specific topics that we will be working through, please look at the outlines below.

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  • Faculty and Staff Professional Development Topics

    • Scope and Sequence
    • 21st Century Update (Excellence)
    • All day Security Training with the Draco Group
    • Rigor and Accountabiligy (cross-curricular planning)
    • Classroom Management Training
    • Technology Integration
    • Lesson Modeling
    • Christian Worldview Teaching and Integration
    • Assessment Strategies
    • Identifying Curriculum and Resources
  • Chapel Schedule

    -Note there will be slight variations between LS and MS/US chapels

    Aug. 16     True North
    Aug. 23     Maker of Heaven
    Aug. 30     MS/US Retreats
    Sept. 6      Watched Over
    Sept. 13    God Our Helper
    Sept. 20    All School Chapel: Grit
    Sept. 27    Seeking Shelter in Christ
    Oct. 4        Safe From Harm
    Oct. 11      How to Change
    Oct. 18      All School Chapel: Positivity
    Oct. 25      How to Deal with Fear
    Nov. 1       How to be Honest
    Nov. 8       How to Change the Way You See Yourself
    Nov. 15     All School Chapel: Faith & Family
    Nov. 29     Sole Hope Project
    Dec. 6       Confidence in the Promise
    Dec. 13     Christmas Chapel
    Dec. 20     Middle School Chapel (MS only)

Hilton Head Christian Academy

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