• Life Plus: Anxiety and Depression in Teens part 1

      Life Plus: Anxiety and Depression in Teens

      We had the privilege of sitting down with experts in the field of mental health to look at the teenage world. Is it really getting worse? How can we parent teens through anxiety? Please enjoy part one of our discussion on mental anxiety and depression in the teenage world.

    • Life Plus Dating Podcast 2018

      Check out our latest Life Plus podcast! We sat down with some of our high school students and recent graduates to discuss dating in the digital age.

      Our students are forming friendships and dating in a world totally different from their parents. We sat down with some of our high school students and recent graduates and asked them to tell us what it is like to navigate relationships in a world dominated by technology. With commentary by our director of family life, Jen Denton and campus pastor, Jason Suddeth, we take a deep look into dating in the digital age.

Tierney Ducharme (Alumni, Class of 2004)

I hope HHCA will continue to provide space for students and families to shape worldviews and world changers.

Spiritual life is at the core of all that we do at Hilton Head Christian Academy. All of our faculty are followers of Christ and are instrumental in the overall spiritual life of the school. At HHCA, we put an emphasis on training and encouraging our teachers so that they in turn are equipped to do the same with the students. We believe that Christian education is about helping each student to see all of life through the lens of scripture. Therefore, it is extremely important to our school that all of our faculty not only be Christians, but also be able to help students see and understand the purpose God has for them in academics, athletics, and the arts. Mentoring relationships between teachers and students are at the heart of all that we do.

To this end we have a wide array of programs designed to introduce and strengthen each student’s walk with Christ.

Jason Suddeth
Campus Pastor

Campus Pastor

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