All Bible classes K-12 are designed to engage, encourage, and challenge students with in the truth of God.

HHCA Bible Model

All Bible classes (MS and US) take place at the same time each day.
  1. 16 teachers or administrators (8 middle school and 8 upper school) will teach Bible.
  2. All students 6th – 11th grade are divided into classes of 10 – 20 students depending on the size of your school. Typically the middle school is also divided by gender.
  3. Each group of students is then set up on a rotation system in which they have each teacher for four and a half weeks.
  4. Each teacher then will teach the same four and half week section eight times to different groups of students.
  5. Seniors all meet together as one group in a seminar college prep setting taught by the campus pastor. The goal of this class is to grow the group together and to focus on challenging the students to own their faith in college.
  6. All curriculum is put together on a specific three year rotation by the campus pastor.
  7. All teachers are trained and equipped to teach the specific curriculum that fits within the scope and sequence and yet matches their gifts and passions.

The Benefits

There are multiple benefits to this model. First, each teacher is trained and equipped to teach Bible. They are not just given a curriculum or told to do a Bible study with students. Curriculum is specifically chosen and created to fit each teacher’s talents and passions. The campus pastor meets with each teacher on a regular basis to assist and help them as they teach their Bible class. Each section fits into the bigger picture of a three-year sequence. Second, this allows each teacher to engage in the spiritual life of the school on a deeper level. The teachers are challenged to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus and are accordingly pushed to connect more with the students. Third, the students have more teachers to pursue and develop mentoring relationships with. Whereas in the other models it usually falls on the Bible teachers alone, in this model it allows a student that might not connect with one teacher to connect with another. It lends naturally to the deeper goal of overall discipleship in the Christian school setting.

Three-Year Scope & Sequence

List of 4 items.

  • Year 1

    MIDDLE SCHOOL—6th-8th Grade
    1. NT Survey #1: Gospels (The Life of Jesus)
    2. NT Survey #2: Acts (Spreading Christianity)
    3. NT Survey #3: Paul’s Letters (Applying the Faith)
    4. NT Survey #4: General Letters (Dealing with Suffering)
    5. Armor of God (Applying Faith to Life)
    6. Bible & Science (Can Science and Faith Work Together?)
    7. Personality Profiles/Spiritual Gifts (Knowing Yourself)
    8. Being Weird for Christ (Standing up for God)

    UPPER SCHOOL—9th-11th Grade
    1. Worship (What does God desire of Worship?)
    2. Ecclesiastes (Life and Legacy)
    3. Smart Faith (Becoming a Thinking Christian)
    4. Twisted Truth (Understand Truth in Life)
    5. Historical Life of Christ (Trusting the Bible)
    6. Screwtape Letters (Dealing with Temptation)
    7. Ephesians (Learning to Study the Bible)
    8. Teen Issues---Part 1 (Beware of Christians)
  • Year 2

    MIDDLE SCHOOL—6th-8th Grade
    1. Life of Christ #1—The Birth of Christ
    2. Life of Christ #2—Teaching/Miracles of Christ
    3. Life of Christ #3—Teachings/Miracles of Christ
    4. Life of Christ #4—The Passion Week
    5. Bible and Science (Can Science and Faith work Together?)
    6. Identity in Christ (Who do you think you are?)
    7. Christian Atheist (Understanding the Faith)
    8. Bullying and Healthy Friendships (Love Languages)

    UPPER SCHOOL—9th-11th Grade
    1. New Testament Overview (Redemption Fulfilled)
    2. Life of Christ (The God-Man)
    3. Life of Paul (A Life Transformed)
    4. Life of Peter (Boldness for Christ)
    5. Teen Issues—Part 2 (To Save a Life)
    6. Crazy Love (The Love of God)
    7. The Dangers of Wealth Part 1 (Dave Ramsey: Biblical Stewardship)
    8. Biblical Healthy Relationships/Friendships
  • Year 3

    MIDDLE SCHOOL—6th-8th Grade
    1. OT Survey #1: Books of Moses (The Law of God)
    2. OT Survey #2: OT History (God’s People)
    3. OT Survey #3: Poetry (Loving God)
    4. OT Survey #4: Prophets (Living for God)
    5. God’s Love (The Life of a Ragamuffin)
    6. Relationships (God’s View of Dating and Relationships)
    7. Do Hard Things? (Faith in Action)
    8. Bible and Science (Owning a Christian Worldview)

    UPPER SCHOOL—9th-11th Grade
    1. OT Overview (Redemptions Promised)
    2. Life of Moses (A Man of Selfless Dedication)
    3. Life of David (A Man after God’s Own Heart)
    4. Life of Joshua (A Man of Leadership and Courage)
    5. Engaging Culture (One Nation Under God: Sharing your Faith)
    6. World Religions (Survey of World Religions: Can there be Truth?)
    7. Guardrails (Andy Stanley: Setting Healthy Boundaries in Life)
    8. The Dangers of Wealth Part 2 (Dave Ramsey: Biblical Stewardship)
  • Ongoing - All 3 Years

    1. Worship Leadership (Learning to LEAD)—Chapel Leadership Class
    2. College Prep (Senior Seminar)
    Unit #1: Year Theme, & Testimonies
    Unit #2: College Prep #1: Big Decisions
    Unit #3: College Prep #2: Theology and Life
    Unit #4: College Prep #3: World Religions
    Unit #5: College Prep #4 Cults
    Unit #6: College Prep #5: Relationships and Budgeting
    Unit #7: College Prep #6: Keys to Success
    Unit #8: College Prep #7: Identity or Counter Culture
    Unit #9: College Prep #8: Missional Living
    Unit #10: Dominican Republic Prep

Hilton Head Christian Academy

Hilton Head Christian Academy is a Christ-centered College Preparatory School serving grades Kindergarten through 12th.