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Accelerated Reader (AR) Program for Lower School

HHCA's Lower School library is officially ready to begin the 2023-2024 Accelerated Reader (AR) program!

AR is a reading program which encourages and motivates students to read books at school and home and earn points by taking computerized comprehension tests at school.

Every book in HHCA's Lower School library has been given a reading level and point value. This information is printed on the spine of every AR book. Using our recent reading MAP test, your child's teacher has set a point goal based on the test results and average grade level expectations. This goal is for the rest of our 1st quarter grading period. A new goal will be given for each quarter.

A Note to Parents from Mrs. Buck:

Students may take AR tests in the library and in the classroom. Please see the attached new Library hours this year. AR tests may only be taken at school. If your child reads a book at home, you may want to fill out an AR test reminder note (below). This will help your child remember to take the test and help their teacher or librarian assist, if needed.

All students who reach their point goal by the end of this grading period will enjoy a special reward to be announced soon! (See deadlines below)

At the end of the school year, students who have reached their point goals for every grading period will receive an award at our final LS chapel.

Not every book is in the AR system. When choosing books from home or the public library, please check online at to determine if the book is in the AR system. Your child will not be able to take tests for books which are not in the system.

If you have questions, please contact Lower School Librarian Susan Buck.           

Happy reading!                                                                                                      


AR Do’s and Don’ts

Library Hours

Quarter Deadlines to meet goals

AR Test Reminder Note