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Robotics Team Tests da Vinci Surgical Robotics System


HHCA Students Test Drive da Vinci Surgical System

HHCA's 8th-12th grade VEX Robotics team visited Coastal Carolina Hospital on Thursday, March 16, to "test drive" the da Vinci Surgical System, used in robotic-assisted surgery. Students learned how robotic technology is used in hospitals and operating rooms around the country and even had the opportunity to operate the da Vinci Surgical System. Each student sat in the surgeon's console and completed a training task using the da Vinci Surgical Robot, just as a surgeon-in-training would do.

"Visiting Coastal Carolina and seeing the da Vinci Robot confirmed my dream of entering the field of STEM and also sparked a curiosity for all the options I could pursue.”   

-Jillian Campanella, 11th Grade

"Operating the da Vinci Robot from the surgeon's console was the best experience ever! It was really cool to actually do what the surgeons do in the OR using this technology. It definitely made me think about different career paths that involve robotics."

-William Adams, 9th Grade

"When you look through the da Vinci Robot surgeon's console, you can see things not visible with the naked eye. We got to test this on a five-dollar bill and we could see details on the bill that we'd never seen before. There were several things the da Vinci Robot does that improve the surgeon's ability to operate on a patient. It was really interesting to operate the robot and see how it works."

-Cade McKay, 8th Grade

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HHCA Robotics Demos Da Vinci Surgical Robot March 2023
HHCA Robotics Team Test Drives DaVinci Robotics System