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HHCA Students of the Month | April 2023 (MS/US)

Every month, several stellar HHCA students are recognized for their contribution to the HHCA community. These students are selected by faculty and staff for their leadership, service to others, and for being an embodiment of HHCA's core values.

Congratulations to all for bringing your best to HHCA every day! 

April Stars (MS/US)

Middle School Student | Reese Napier

Upper School Student | Ruby Chapman


MS Mentor | Jessica Tatro

Upper School Mentor | Courtney O'Connor

Faculty/Staff | Cathy McDevitt

March Stars (MS/US)

Middle School Student | Maggie Maine

Upper School Student | Morgan Bedenbaugh


MS Mentor | Megan Adams

Upper School Mentor | Dan Harrington

Faculty/Staff | Haley Sulka

February Stars (MS/US)

Middle School Student | Baleigh Hames

Upper School Student | Morgan Scott


MS Mentor | Tamara Davis

Upper School Mentor | Erin Zietz

Faculty/Staff | Mary Delle Robinson

January Stars (MS/US)

Middle School Student | Jaydn Hedges

Upper School Students | Connor White


MS Mentor | Mary Beth Gourley

US Mentor | Erin Zietz

Faculty/Staff | Bridget Short


November/December Stars (MS/US):

Middle School Student | Ivey Taylor

Upper School Students | Ella Grace Cook & Jack Mau


MS Mentor | Ms. Mikaela Collich

US Mentor | Mr. Andy Mousseau

Faculty/Staff | Mrs. Jordan Ingolia


October Stars (MS/US): 

Middle School Student | Brody Mayles

Upper School Student | Camille Sposato


MS Mentor | Mrs. Michelle Napier

US Mentor | Mr. Bryan Brown

Faculty/Staff | Mrs. Megan Robbins

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September Stars (MS/US):

Middle School Student | Drew Ernst

Upper School Student | Chaz Brigstock


Middle School Mentor | Mr. Aaron Mau

Upper School Mentor | Mr. Parker Collins

Faculty/Staff | Mr. Daniel Rodriguez

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