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HHCA Wizard of Oz | Four Friends

A Place for Artists to Shine

HHCA loves the arts! We believe that creativity is an important life skill and we have a phenomenal group of Fine Arts mentors dedicated to helping students in every grade achieve their full creative potential through a variety of award-winning programs, including Theater, Music, and Visual Arts.

By implementing authentic, experiential learning practices in the arts during the K-12 years, students graduate as well-rounded individuals, equipped to use their creative gifts and talents well beyond their time at HHCA.

Creativity on Campus

Throughout the year, HHCA offers several public performances-from outstanding theatrical productions to intimate recitals and visual arts showcases. Students and mentors enjoy amazing facilities and learning resources, including a Performing Arts Center, two art studios, industry standard audio and visual equipment, and more.

From jazz camps that draw students from around the nation to summer stock theater, strings academy, student worship teams, and art camps, there is always something exciting happening within HHCA's Fine Arts department!


Student opportunities within HHCA's Fine Arts department:

  • Symphonic Band
  • Student Worship Team
  • Pit Orchestra
  • 5th Grade Band
  • Eagles Jazz Band
  • MS/US Chorus
  • Strings Club
  • MS & US Pep Band/Drumline
  • Ceramics
  • After-School Art
  • Lighting & Sound Design
  • Stage Crew
  • Set Design
  • Numerous Theater Productions